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“How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you, a place for you to go to be with your mother, with your sisters, and the aunts, with your grandmothers, and the great and the great-great grandmothers, a place where women go to, to be, to return to, as women? How might your life have been different?  Judith Duerk, Circle of Stones

I have been hosting a local women’s dark moon Red Tent group, “Red Tent Under The Sacred Bluestones” for over 4 years now, (and have previously run women groups and Moon Lodges for over 15 years).

I also host a women’s Womb Blessing sessions on some of the Full Moons, see the Womb Blessing page for info and contact me for dates. Email

For info and advice on setting up your own Red Tent, see these websites- The Happy Womb, Red Tent Temple Movement and Red Tents in Every Neighbourhood.


Come alone, bring friends, sisters, daughters, mothers…
Unless otherwise indicated, we welcome donations of £5 – £10 for sessions.

The evenings start at 7pm and go on until roughly 9pm, although juicy evenings can go on later!
For events that require booking, please contact the workshop facilitator directly via their contact details.

To confirm your place and for directions to the Red Tent please contact Rachael 07919324448

Red Tent Under the Sacred Bluestones programme 2017 (to be updated – dates below)

26th Feb – regroup after the winter, relaxed pow wow
28th March- Red Tent video night
26th April- Clay goddesses
25th May- daytime Red Tent 10.30-12.30 Cycle charting Amber
22nd June- “Purple Tent” exploring Menopause circle
23rd July- Red Tent with Lara
20th September- daytime Red Tent 10.30-12.30 Cycle charting Amber
19th October- “Purple Tent” exploring Menopause circle
18th November
18th December

2016 programme:

1st Jan, Drumming Circle with Angharad Emma  please book-    07774013574

10th Jan     Red Tent Eve 7-9pm

 Jenny will be holding a “bring and share”  – bring one of your favourite sacred items and share your story about how it wove itself into your life!

1st Feb, Drumming Circle with Angharad Emma for more info, please book-  07774013574

9th Feb -Red Tent Eve 7-9pm

Song sharing– An evening of songs, chants and drumming to celebrate and honour the divine feminine and our love for the earth. Bring your favourite songs!

1st March, Drumming Circle with Angharad Emma  please book-    07774013574

9th March- Red Tent Eve 7-9pm

Pamper Night, Come and experience the healing power though the giving and receiving of touch. sharing massages, reiki etc, bring towels, oils etc

1st April, Drumming Circle with Angharad Emma

6th April- Red Tent Eve 7-9pm

Sharing Stories of our “Lifes journey, spiritual path, beliefs”

1st May, Drumming Circle with Angharad Emma

6th May – Red Tent Eve 7-9pm

Dream Boards,  join us for a womb journey to open our creative flow and a session of craftiness making dream/vision boards, bring old magazines, diaries, paintings, photos, glitter and loveliness to create your dreams! please bring an extra donation towards the cost of the boards.

1st June, Drumming Circle with Angharad Emma

5th June- Red Tent Eve 7-9pm

an evening of healing, we will gather and share healing energy, reiki, womb blessings, shamanic drumming, rattling etc.

1st July, Drumming Circle with Angharad Emma

5th July- Red Tent Eve 7-9pm

Boob Casting with Sally Light, please bring an extra donation towards the materials. Get your boobs out girls! Sally will show us how to “cast” our breasts using plaster of paris, you will go home with you own extra set of breasts to decorate! (or you can make a mask if you prefer!)


26-29th Aug, Journey into Womanhood– Mother and Daughter Camp. booking essential, see

1st Sept, Drumming Circle with Angharad Emma

2nd Sept- Red Tent Eve 7-9pm

Journey into Menopause with Rachael and Amber. Together we will explore the threshold of Mid Woman… menopause, dissolving some of the myths, talking about the truth of this stage of womanhood and embrace how it is to keep our wisdom within and we will enjoy some womb journeys too!

1st Oct Red Tent Eve and Drumming Circle 7-9pm with Angharad Emma

1st Nov, Red Tent Eve and Drumming Circle 7-9pm with Rachael and Angharad Emma Honouring the Ancestors and Death Wishes, Rachael and Emma will hold an Ancestor Journey and open a sharing space for talking about all aspects of death – whatever you wish to share…. personal experiences, reflections, poems, readings, songs…

29th Nov – Red Tent Eve 7-9pm

Self Care Cards with Lara

1st Dec, Drumming Circle with Angharad Emma 29th Dec Red Tent Eve 7-9pm

Henna and Clay with Holly

The Red Tent yurt is also hired by other facilitators- their workshops are listed here:


Deepening Woman Workshops

DEEPENING WOMAN  Recovering ourselves – holding our future generations in strength. A 4 month journey of healing, prayer, journeying, drumming and deep truth …...helping us to connect with our authentic selves.  A circle for women held by Rachael and  Angharad Varda at the Red Tent Yurt, Hebron, Carmarthenshire Each day ...
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