Ante Natal Reiki

Rachael Crow Birth, Reiki

reikipregnancyReiki during pregnancy not only offers treatment for the mother but also for the development of the baby. Many pregnancy ‘discomforts’ can be alleviated by Reiki treatments, such as backache, headaches, stress and anxiety, nausea, etc. Reiki brings energy levels into balance, and often symptoms disappear. A Reiki treatment helps mum to relax deeply and cleanses her body and spirit. The deep relaxation and peacefulness many people experience during and after a Reiki treatment can be of huge benefit to a pregnant mum.

During pregnancy there maybe be fears about the birth or perhaps about being a ‘good enough’ mother or the upcoming responsibility. Reiki will help to ease these emotions. In addition to all this, Reiki helps deepen the relationship between mother and child.

Treatments are done in your home for your comfort, fully clothed and can be done on a couch or seated and cost £40 (Treatment will last 40mins to 1 hour) or you are welcome to come to me, cost is £30. Please note, should you need to cancel a treatment/ meeting within 24 hrs I charge a 50% cancellation fee.

Please contact me 07919324448 or by email for more information.

For more information about learning Reiki, see my Reiki Classes page.

Feedback from Reiki Treatments:

“Rachael’s Reiki treatments totally blissed me out! I was juggling work, a difficult pregnancy and a toddler and my ante natal treatments with Rachael left me feeling so calm and able to deal with it all. I totally recommend all pregnant mums book in for some “me time” with Rachael!”

“I was having a long slow labour and I called Rachael to come over and give me some Reiki- I had no idea if it would help, but the treatments during my pregnancy as part of my doula package with Rachael had helped so much that I just felt it would be worth a try! The moment Rachael played her hands on me I felt my self calm down, and amazingly the baby turned from back to back and was birthed easily within an hour of Rachael arriving! It was amazing! I decided that I wanted to learn Reiki and we did a 1-1 session when my baby was about a month old and I’ve used it on myself and him ever since. It’s so lovely to be able to use reiki to help him sleep, to send it to him while he feeds and I’ve used it as a natural healing method when he’s been colicy, teething, and unsettled, its worked a treat.”

“Having Reiki as part of my doula package with Rachael really helped me feel relaxed and empowered during my birth, Rachael was on hand to give reiki throughout the labour (and massage) which was just perfect. I’m hoping to learn it myself as soon as I’m out of my ‘baby moon'”

“My favourite part of having ante natal reiki was getting some time to lie down and rest, and connect to my baby”

One to One Sessions to learn Reiki I can be arranged – please contact me for more information on this.