Celebrating Menarche- A Journey into Womanhood

Rachael Crow courses for women, Workshops

I have 2 workshops on offer- one for women, and one for mothers and daughters.

A womens “catch up” ceremony: the opportunity to revisit your mid girl and menarche thresholds, gently holding, listening and creating space for healing we will witness each other in sacred space.

The Bristol Goddess Temple

February 4th 2018, 10-5 pm, Cost £65

*limited places*

(early bird price £55 if booked by 14 Nov)

all bookings must be received by Dec 21st

Together we with re-write your “her story” by creating a ceremony/ritual and honouring your first menstruation in the way you may have liked it to have been honoured as a young woman. This rite of passage is often not celebrated, the majority of us were not welcomed as women.

This day is proceeded by some self enquiry work, guided by myself, so you can connect to and access your inner girl, what her needs might have been had she been invited to be held and witnessed by her loved ones. Participants must be willing to spend some time on the self enquiry work in the month prior to the day- through journalling, cycle charting, moon connection… A Facebook group will be created for support.

“How a girl crosses the menarche can cast a long shadow over her menstruating years. It can affect her experience of menstruation each month and how her life journey might play out. Approaching it as a truly special, even sacred moment can ensure that this ‘long shadow’ is beneficent and empowering.” – Alexandra Pope, The Women’s Quest.

At menarche a woman enters her power
Through menstruation she practices her power
At menopause she becomes her power
~ Native American proverb ~

email to book- info@rachaelcrow.co.uk or use the form below.


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Mother and Daughter Menarche day: A wonderful opportunity for mums and daughters (aged 8-13) to spend some special time together!

Menarche Girls!

Mother and Daughter workshops are a lovely experience for friends to share, arrange a day with your daughter, her friends and their mothers to honour and celebrate their rite of passage. This workshop can also be run as a 2-hour ‘taster’, ideal for schools and women’s groups.

prices from £50 per mother and daughter- taster sessions £20

Every Woman is a Daughter

‘The mother-daughter relationship is at the headwaters of every woman’s health. Our bodies, our beliefs about them were formed in the soil of our mothers emotions, beliefs and behaviours’ Dr Christiane Northrup

Join us as we explore and honour our daughters rites of passage. Learn about embracing our moontime, share stories, play, create and celebrate together! Collectively we will discover what has affected our attitudes towards our moontime and our bodies and we will remember and recreate our own menarche celebration.

Mum and daughter “taster” workshop

This is the perfect workshop to book for a group of friends and their mums!

Contact Rachael at info@rachaelcrow.co.uk for further information and for workshop dates.

Feedback from past ceremonies…

“The day was held so tenderly, I felt so nurtured and being witnessed by the circle was so powerful. I am now planning a ceremony with my daughter so she can be celebrated by her family and friends! Thank you for an amazing day”

“I didn’t know what to expect, I just knew deep down this was something I needed to do, to heal that girl part of me. Yes, it did just that…the listening and holding was just what I needed. Thank you”

“This wasn’t ‘just a workshop’… the preparation beforehand, although was hard, it was hard to go back and look at this time in my life, I knew it needed to be done for me to fully enjoy the day, so the preparation was a big part in the ceremony being amazing. I think if I hadn’t done the preparation, guided by Rachael, I might have felt a bit of a fraud in the circle. But I didn’t, I felt held, loved, supported, I was able to be vulnerable, share from my heart and I felt so connected to these women who I didn’t know before! I’ve just been on cloud 9 since then…oh and my cycle has come back! wow!”

‘Such a deeply heartfelt and magical ceremony. I was fearful that it would be painful, but discovered it to be a beautiful, tender experience that re-connected me to my maiden self in an unexpectedly joyful and empowering way. Rachael held this ceremony with such love, witnessing every woman in the circle with deep caring. And it was so moving to honour and be honoured by all the other women. For the first time in my life I am feeling the power and wisdom of my menstrual cycle!’


See my Menarche book here – Menarche, a Journey into Womanhood 

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