Deepening Woman Journey

Rachael Crow courses for women, Red Tent, Workshops

Recovering ourselves – holding our future generations in strength.

A  journey of healing, prayer, journeying, drumming and deep truth ……helping us to connect with our authentic selves.

 A circle for women held by Rachael and  Eartha Love

at the Red Tent Yurt, Hebron, Carmarthenshire
Each day runs 10-5pm

Next journey will be Autumn 2019

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These are a series of 4 workshops to be booked together, at a cost of £240 or £75 if paid for per session. Women are asked to commit to all 4 sessions. (a few concessionary places are available, email us for info)

We will journey back on the life spiral to give our selves what we never had; ceremony, celebration and rites of passage…we will journey to heal and recover those lost parts of ourselves that hold us back from living our deep truth, our calling, our natural selves.
Only through healing and reconnecting to ourselves and mother earth can we truly live our hearts calling and hold our future generations in strength.
These workshops will take you through the Nine Passages / Thresholds of Woman, we will touch on many aspects of woman as well as connecting with the Womens Mysteries, rites of passage ceremonies, meditation, journaling, circling, singing, chanting, crafting, touching nature and connecting with our ancestors….

This work prepares the way for those women who want to awaken themselves, hold womens circles, or wish to hold girls consciously through their path to womanhood by holding mother & daughter circles/lodges.

Prior to each session you will be emailed some questions for self enquiry, you may be asked to bring some photographs of yourself , items for ceremony and for the altar. You will be encouraged to journal and map your own passages of womanhood.

We will begin in May with Birth and Mid Girl.
Starting at the beginning with birth we will journey along the red path of womanhood by exploring our own birth and taking part in a re birthing ceremony.
The threshold of mid girl will be honoured with the sharing of our stories and using shamanic journeying the creating of our inner lodge for her to be held and supported by your inner wisewoman/shamanka. This will lead to a celebration of the awakening of ‘girl – woman’.

June brings us to the Menarche (first blood) and First Flight (leaving home threshold )
With drum journeying we will work with the inner lodge and our inner shamanka/ wisewoman . We will explore this tender time and honour our ‘girl – woman’ as she reaches ‘woman – becoming’ with mask making and a separating/ death ceremony allowing her to let go and move along the spiral path.

At the start of July we will explore passages of Womanhood Bloom and Deepening Woman.
We will touch on the power of working with menstrual medicine and look at self care practices as ‘woman becoming’ reaches ‘deepening woman’. Using the teachings of the medicine bundle you will begin the recovery of your soulskin. Using ceremony and storytelling this helps prepare you for menopause and beyond.

The end of July brings us to our last session..passages of Elder, Stone Crone and Death.
Honouring the wisdom of the stones, we will use shamanic journeying to journey along the timeline to see ourselves as ancestors, helping to see the legacy we will leave behind. This brings clarity on your calling/ medicine / truth. We will work with the deeper teachings of the medicine bundle and create a set of oracles and take part in beautiful death rites ceremony.

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