Custom Drums

It was an honour to create a drum for Lee Harris, musician, sound healer, intuitive guide, author and speaker- his work has inspired and supported me on my healing journey and to create a drum for him was pretty magical!

To view my drums for UK sales see my webshop, outside the UK  visit my Etsy shop or I can create a bespoke one for you.
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Moon drums, medicine drums, healing drums, my heart and soul sing to these drums as I weave healing energy into the natural materials, giving thanks to Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, to the deer and tree whose energies combine to create tones that will reverberate out, creating ripples of love, healing and awakening across our dear earth. The heart beat of the Earth Mother calls through our drums.

Each drum comes with 2 meditations I’ve recorded to connect you to your drum and wake up your drum!

Buy a drum making kit for yourself- that comes with instructional video, or  one of my beautiful woman crafted drums on my Etsy Shop

Happy Customers

I received my Red Gypsy Drum. She is stunning. I instantly connected with such a powerful tool. Thank You Rachael for the beautiful creation and the intention that was put into making such a sacred gift.🥰 Elizabeth

My Drum is so beautiful, thank you so much! I found your video so easy to follow and thought I was going to get so stressed doing it, but I didn’t at all, just a really therapeutic process thank you! X Danielle

Incredible, this presence. A voice full of strength and gentleness. She breaks her space deeply and sustainably. I am very happy and say thank you. C.

Beautiful drum, with an amazing sound and energy to it. A drum made by Rachael is always powerful – and this one made a dream become real. Thankyou! Catherine

She arrived safely and sings adorable. Clear and shy, loud and meaningful. A wonderful drum. Many Thanks. C

The drum is absolutely beautiful and has exceeded my expectations, well worth the wait coming all the way from the UK. Melanie

Absolutely beautiful sacred drum✨I’m honored to be her new guardian. In gratitude 🙏🏼 Jennifer

I had a wonderful drum birthing day at home with your video.  Thank you for such a beautiful experience. Erika

An astonishingly beautiful drum, that resonates with power and love. Thank you! Ros

This drum is small yet makes a lovely resonant sound. The painted horses on it are so evocative of a cave painting – they have been done brilliantly.This is my first drum and I’m enjoying finding my own way of playing this. Hellis

Thank you so much for this drum! I can tell a lot of love and passion went into making it. It plays perfectly and is very well designed. The communication with the seller was also great. I will certainly come back to your shop in the future if I am looking for another drum! Joshua

Brilliant kit – prepared with care and love by Rachael, I’m looking forward to making my drum for a special occasion that’s coming up. The accompanying video guide is excellent! ?? Catherine

I am happy to create a custom drum just for you…contact me on
see some examples of my work…. Painted drums are a collaboration with Suzi Edwards 

My other work includes-  Healing Meditations and Visualisations click here

Drums and rattles- see my webshop and my  Etsy Shop

For Colour Energy Paintings Click here Healing with Colour

Pow Wow/ Spirit Drums- made as workshops

Double sided small drum- can have sand/shells put inside to create ocean drum. This is made from Cow Hide.

Painted drums are a collaboration with Suzi Edwards 

Happy Customers- The drum is AMAZING! Thank you Rachael, it’s perfect. Rhannon. 

This drum is a dream. She sounds like she is singing an ancient song. The quality of the work is impeccable and carries an energy of integrity. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again from Moontimes. I’m in love with everything about this strawberry moon drum. Thank You! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!!! Cinnamike

I’m so so happy with this beautiful “Strong Woman” drum! Sounds amazing and was quick to arrive. Also the owner was always quick to reply to any questions I had I will definitely be purchasing more items from you. Thank you. Zen BondiBeach

Absolutely beautiful drum.. Thank you so much. Miknamor

Really beautiful and I love the sound. Thank you so much.Diane

I absolutely love her, She’s so beautiful…Thank you very much…Mike


Happy Customers
Love my drum – it is beautiful in every way!! Aubuchonce

Oh my what a absolutely beautiful drum thank you so much! Oracles888

This drum is beautiful and awesome – stunning colouring and crafting, unique and with real energy. And sounds amazing.

Looking forward immensely to working with her – thankyou so much x Catherine

A beautiful & Magical healing drum. The extra detail of the rabbit fur and medicine pouch make it extra special. Arrived super quick. This is one of my favourite shops. Wonderful feminine energies. Jude

Stunningly beautiful drum with incredible vibes. Arrived much faster than expected & Rachael was wonderful to talk to online during the order process. The drum also sounds sweet/the acoustics are wonderful. Can’t thank this shop enough! Lorelei

“Red Moon Drums are created for the women who walk the Red Road.
We honour our inner cycles, the blood of life, our menstruation, moon blood, Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth.
Our Red Moon Drums are awakening drums; we are awakened to our ancestors of the Red Road, to the young women yet to walk this path, to the call of the great Mother Earth- to walk lightly upon her, care for and protect her.
The cross bound handle can be seen as the medicine wheel, the wheel of the seasons, the Celtic wheel or perhaps the seasons of a womans life. The Medicine of the 4 quarter points can lift you into a different rhythm, time and place!
As we play our Red Moon Drums we feel the songs of the ancient ones being awakened within us, deep memories stirring, the heartbeat of the land pulses though the drum and our veins.
The Red Moon Drum awakens us to remember to listen to the voices of the ancient mothers, the witches, healers and midwives, all the ancient ones of this land….and our own body wisdom.
Through our Red Moon Drums we are made one with with the whole of womankind.
We are the Priestesses of the Red Moon Drum.” Rachael Crow
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Happy Customers- I absolutely love this drum. Sounds fantastic. Sarah

Bought as a birthday present for my partner and he loved it! Simon

Beautiful drum…I felt connected the moment I saw Her. Gerri

Incredible design and construction! Made with love. P. Callahan

I could not be happier with this drum, thank you so very very much xx Adeola