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Moon drums, medicine drums, healing drums, my heart and soul sing to these drums as I weave healing energy into the natural materials, giving thanks to Great Spirit, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, to the deer and tree whose energies combine to create tones that will reverberate out, creating ripples of love, healing and awakening across our dear earth. The heart beat of the Earth Mother calls through our drums.

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see some examples of my work…. Painted drums are a collaboration with Suzi Edwards 


“Red Moon Drums are created for the women who walk the Red Road.
We honour our inner cycles, the blood of life, our menstruation, moon blood, Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth.
Our Red Moon Drums are awakening drums; we are awakened to our ancestors of the Red Road, to the young women yet to walk this path, to the call of the great Mother Earth- to walk lightly upon her, care for and protect her.
The cross bound handle can be seen as the medicine wheel, the wheel of the seasons, the Celtic wheel or perhaps the seasons of a womans life. The Medicine of the 4 quarter points can lift you into a different rhythm, time and place!
As we play our Red Moon Drums we feel the songs of the ancient ones being awakened within us, deep memories stirring, the heartbeat of the land pulses though the drum and our veins.
The Red Moon Drum awakens us to remember to listen to the voices of the ancient mothers, the witches, healers and midwives, all the ancient ones of this land….and our own body wisdom.
Through our Red Moon Drums we are made one with with the whole of womankind.
We are the Priestesses of the Red Moon Drum.” Rachael Crow
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