Drumming Development Circle

Rachael Crow Workshops

Monthly development circle where I am sharing energy tools, drum journeys, ceremony and healing practices to use on yourself, friends and family!

Suggested donation for the circle is £10 a month. we have a Telegram support group for between circles.

I have 2 groups running one is a closed group that has been running for over a year. We meet Wed/Thursday eves 7-9pm

Message me to join the new group which starts in May. info@rachaelcrow.co.uk

If you don’t have a drum, i can bring one to borrow, if you want to make one, my Drum making dates are here- https://www.rachaelcrow.co.uk/medicine-drum-birthing-day/


Why do we meet and drum together? The power of working in a circle is profound, we create a strong field of healing, invite our guides and trusted helpers to support us, the effects are powerful and touch on-

Clearing old paradigm energies from our fields.
Aligning heart, minds, bodies, helping focus.
Introduces new levels of energy that are available
Guiding these new levels of energy through the system and help unlock deeper potentials now coming on-line.
Opening the heart to what is possible
Connecting and meet in the physical, offering support and the exchange of energies and codes at that level.
Creating a wave of energy that ripples out into the wider field
Conducting energy work for the earth.
There are other purposes too, and each person attending will have some of their own!!

Dates for new group- 7-9pm at Oshi’s in Mynachlogddu (please car share)

Please note, after the first couple of sessions this group will close as we go deeper in to the practices.

5th May


8th June

6th July

Aug summer break

7th Sept

5th Oct

2nd Nov

30th Nov

No Dec group

Dates for closed group 7-9pm at Jennys (please car share)


Jan 27th

Feb 24th

March 24th

April 21st

May 19th

June 23rd

July and Aug summer break

Equinox Sept 22nd

Oct 20th

Nov 17th

Dec 15th