Full Moon, Earth & Stones Honouring Circle

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Full Moon Ceremony- 5-7pm , Wed Dec 11th, gathering at the Red Tent making talismans focussing on setting intentions for the future of our Earth Mother & humanity.

(Note, I will take a break over Jan and Feb)

Donation of £5-10 appreciated towards the yurt fund.

Since my journey to the Isle of Lewis where I worked with a group of women and the energies of the Callanish Stones, I am feeling called to bring others to the energy of the stones in my local area, starting with the Cromlech in the woods near where I live.

The Cromlech, or dolmen is called Gwal-y-Filiast- Bwrdd Arthur / Arthur’s Table, Ebenezer, Llangynog, Lair of the Greyhound Bitch. The locals tell me the stream below was known as Merlins Cauldron.
It will be interesting to hear what others sense of the area and the stones.

I am imagining spending the next 3 full moons (Oct-Dec) focussing here, with these stones and in 2020 spending time at the Gors Fawr Stone Cirlce in Mynachlog-ddu and other local standing stones.

If you would like to join, do email me info@rachaelcrow.co.uk

Photo by me, Rachael Crow

Photo by my neighbour and author Karen Sawyer