Magdalene Zoom Workshop

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Evening in the Energy of The Magdalene- Zoom

Nov 8th 8pm


Join me for a beautiful hour long zoom where we will connect to the energy of Mary Magdalene, the Magdalene Collective, her Angels and the Rose Sisterhood.

These eves are now part of my Vitality Circle- see here- join the circle!

Of course, Mary’s energy is free! You can connect to her freely any time. What you are paying for and giving value to is my time in creating and delivering this beautiful workshop! If you are struggling with money/spirituality/ abundance (I have an online course– lol)

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I have 30 years experience under my belt of holding circles, leading meditations and journeys and I will be sharing unique insights from my personal relationship with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Yeshua and Isis. .

(Time allowing) During the evening i hope to cover –

Set an intention for what support we want to call in from Mary

Self Anointing Ritual

Breath and Aramaic light language

Join together inviting Mary and the Collective to support us in connecting to and downloading more of our Higher Self/ Divine Christ energy body,

A guided meditation into your own connection and activation with Mary.

Q&A’s and some sharings of your personal experiences

The recording and a follow up booklet and meditation wll be sent to you after.

Mary Magdalene was a powerful character in the Yeshua story – known as The Apostle of the Apostles- she brings the Divine Feminine Sophia Christos Energy- yet in the bible and other stories her part has been corrupted, twisted and erased.

How do we know what is the Truth? Only by opening to a personal relationship with her and deeply feeling her teachings, her frequency, her vision can we begin to find out.

I will talk about how to work with Her in day to day life and open to working with her on a deep personal level.



This was a deeply healing, powerful session with a circle of full-hearted women. The healing is still unfurling. Thank you for the work you bring 🙏🌹❤️ Catherine

Oh wow, i had such a profound experience doing these meditations with Rachael- clearing my ancestral stuff around religion, church, patriarchy!! Mary came forward very clearly with synchronistic guidance for me. i’m looking forward to continuing to deepen my relationship with her and spending more time journalling to see what else arises! THANK YOU Rachael! xxx Jane

What i value so much about Rachael is she brings her ‘straight talking northern-ness’ into the spiritual- which i love- i just don’t resonate with the typical “priestess” in crystals and robes!! it’s just not me, out here in earthy Wales!! So i was curious to see what this new offering would bring and yes- more of the same straight talking spirtuality, empowering me (and all of you!) to step into our “Magdalene Body” and shine bright in the world. Rachael is a leading example of a radiant and grounded being.  Maya xx