Mother & Daughter Day- Mid Girl and First Blood

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Every Woman is a Daughter

Celebrating Mid Girl /Menarche/First Blood– for daughters age 9 and over

19th Oct 2019 10.30am -4.30pm

 £30 per mother and daughter

Join Eartha and I with your girls for this celebration day at the Red Tent yurt.

‘The mother-daughter relationship is at the headwaters of every woman’s health. Our bodies, our beliefs about them were formed in the soil of our mothers emotions, beliefs and behaviours’ Dr Christiane Northrup

Celebrating Mid Girl /Menarche/First Blood– for daughters age 9 and over

19th Oct 10.30am -4.30pm at the Red Tent Yurt, Hebron

 £30 per mother and daughter

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Holding our Daughters as they step though this threshold is vital, their hormones are rising, their bodies changing, it can all feel overwhelming!
As mothers ourselves, we will guide you though a day of honouring your girls with drumming, singing, crafts and ritual. We will gather as a ‘village’ and witness our girls stepping over the Thresholds of Mid Girl and Menarche. Learn about embracing our moontime, share stories and celebrate together! Collectively we will discover what has affected our attitudes towards our moontime and our bodies and we will remember and recreate our own celebration. The day will include a ceremony and holding the sacredness of becoming  a woman and a woman unique cyclic nature.

(for mothers we also recommend our Deepening Woman Mentoring Course)

“On many days, a girl’s genius will peek out from your protective shields and she begins to discover a depth of passion for her natural gifts. At the crucial moment when she seems different and asks for more responsibility, wrap her up in a community Rite of Passage ceremony.  These are the best years! Do you remember being 8 or 9, 10 or 11? An emergence stage, body-mind-soul enter a synchronization and big girls feel magical, mystical, and filled with fantasy. Allow her to express everything, this is so important; take care not to hush her, the culture will do that. Her relationship with all of Nature and with her core identity deepens, so the world becomes hers alone. The treasure of these years will forever support the woman she will become. She will want more freedoms so negotiate using your own memory of your adventurous, expansive spirit.”  Gail Burkett Nine Passage


“How a girl crosses the menarche can cast a long shadow over her menstruating years. It can affect her experience of menstruation each month and how her life journey might play out. Approaching it as a truly special, even sacred moment can ensure that this ‘long shadow’ is beneficent and empowering.” – Alexandra Pope, The Women’s Quest.


At menarche a woman enters her power
Through menstruation she practices her power
At menopause she becomes her power
~ Native American proverb ~