Release & Expand 2021

COMING VERY SOON! Release & Expand, mini course sharing tools for resilience for these times! Together we will release 2020 and prepare for 2021 with ceremony, sacred craft, breath work, journeys and exercises….Be one of the first to sign up here…! Prepare yourself for the new energies of 2021….♥️

Closes Jan 7th!

Cost-pay what you can!

Join me at this time to release the old and clear the way for the birth energy of the new year.

What a year 2020 has been- my words for the year have been trust and surrender… and so I’ll be sharing with you some tools, ways to let go and move into trust….trust your soul has a plan, a new story for humanity is emerging, a new story for our Earth Mother and the even a new story of the Universe that we are co-creating! I’m so looking forward to sharing this one… ♥️ Rachael xx

This on line teaching includes-

A 20+ page PDF workbook with practices and journalling prompts to support you into 2021!

Breath work and Meditation/Journey MP3s to ground and expand

Energy forecast with tips to hold your centre

Video of creating medicine cards to work with

Once paid for you will recieve an email confirmation you are booked on, and once released all the info will be sent out to you.

Book on here