Post Natal Reiki

Rachael Crow Birth, Reiki

reikibabyReiki can be effective in supporting restoration of the mind-body-spirit system after birth. Nourishing a mother supports her to fully nourish her infant!

Fathers and birth partners can also benefit from Reiki treatments. Caring for a newborn can be draining to both partners. Reiki can help restore and balance energy levels as well as provide some much-needed time out during this busy time.

Reiki can safely be given to baby- usually while babe rests on mama!

Treatments are done in your home for your comfort, fully clothed and can be done on a couch or seated and cost £40 (Treatment will last 40mins to 1 hour) or £30 if you come to me. Please note, should you need to cancel a treatment/meeting within 24 hrs I charge a 50% cancellation fee.
Please contact me 07919324448 or by email for more information.

For more information about learning Reiki, see my Reiki Classes page.

Feedback from Reiki Treatments:

“Life gets so busy after birth, so I was glad i’d booked Rachael in for some post natal Reiki treatments, I needed something to slow me down. She was able to do the treatments while I held my baby which made it so much easier!”

“My post natal reiki sessions where so welcome. My mum bought a few for me as a gift so i had 1 a month for 3 months and then decided I would have a 1-1 session to learn reiki so i could use it on myself and my children. My toddler loves it and goes to sleep having reiki each night and it’s been useful in soothing my baby while she’s been teething or unsettled. I’m so grateful my mum found Rachael for me.”

“I knew after having reiki sessions as part of my ante natal doula package that I would want to continue to receive it so I booked in 1 a month for quite a few months after the birth. It was really helpful in helping me relax into motherhood and I’m sure it helped with the after pains of labour too.”

One to One Sessions to learn Reiki I can be arranged – please contact me for more information on this.