Autumn Cleanse Programme


Join my detox programme! The next detox with support group is over the Autumn Equinox dark moon, 10th – 24th September including a preparation week. You are welcome to do this cleanse any time to suit you!

If you are used to cleansing, fasting and detoxing why not go for my deep cleanse that includes a water fast?

As someone who has been juicing and detoxing for more than 8 years, starting with a Joe Cross 6 week reboot back in 2014, a week long intensive juicing with the Nutritional Healing Foundation in 2019, and a 3 week detox with David Wolfe 2020 and 2021. These last 3 years I’ve studied detoxing and nutrition intensively while healing cancer, I fasted, cleansed, detoxed and cleared stage 4 cancer in under a year!  Here I share my experience and will support you though the  first week to let go of processed foods, coffee, tea, alcohol, gluten, to start juicing and then the next 7 days cleanse, including guiding you through enemas!

NOTE!! YOU WILL NEED A JUICER TO TAKE PART! Bullet Blenders are not the same as a juicer- we are just juicing on this cleanse- although I include some smoothie recipes and soups to help with preparing for the cleanse and for slowly coming off the cleanse.

Whats included?

Telegram Support Group- supported by a team of seasoned cleansers, herbalist, nutritionists and naturopaths!

Videos with me introducing all about detoxing, juicing, cleansing techniques, what you’ll need, preparation beforehand, going deeper with a liver and gall bladder cleanse if you want to and coming off the detox.

A 20 page Vbook (video book) with videos, info and recipes.

3 guided meditations on healing, changing our DNA, bringing in the new codes of radiant health.

A downloadable 14 page PDF with info and 22 recipes for the week and keeping you healthy beyond.

Added BONUSES! A downloadable PDF of 13 Enema Recipes and Liver cleanse Protocol!

7 more videos supporting you in to radiant health post cleanse.

feedback from the Spring Equinox  and Solstice Detoxes-  (more below)

“It’s been totally amazing and inspiring! Thankyou lovely one ❤️Next time I will set my life up differently- more self-care, more rest. Rachael you’ve been brilliant- I’ve been looking for something like this for ages. Def will recommend you to others! I am looking forward to eating again….!!”

“I am keeping going next week … it’s been such a brilliant week … loved everyone’s posts and felt really supported by warrior woman !”

“I’ve been a sugar addict my whole life and I’m really ready to let it go, that and now I’ve cleared the coffee, maybe I could just acknowledge that I have been super addicted, and my body needs pure food for a healthy transition into menopause.”


Disclaimer: Any health advice that I give is my opinion based on my general professional experience but not your specific case. As such, you should always seek the advice of your own health professionals, I would recommend a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, auvedic practitioner or acupuncturist …but go with what resonates for you.
By reading this disclaimer and purchasing this detox programme, you agree that I am not responsible for your health but am empowering you to make healthy life choices. (C) Rachael Crow


Please NOTE- this is an old video- the dates are from last year! The 2023 autumn cleanse starts Sept 10th for the prep week and full cleanse the following week!


“Deep gratitude to you Rachael for you encouragement and support to participate in your 7 Day Juice Detox.  I enjoyed it so much that I’m continuing juicing for breakfast and lunch because I found them delicious, nutritious and sustaining.  Loved the broth and soups too!

I must admit that I didn’t do the enemas and liver cleanse this time, but I will do next time round.

I so needed this opportunity to shift my body and mind from the stuck perspective I found myself and I knew I needed something intense to do that.  My body wisdom had been attempting to communicate with me for some time and was screaming before I listened enough to take action – and my body loved it!!  I had no ill effects and didn’t feel hungry and in fact started to feel better from Day 1.  Even the two day water fast was easier than I anticipated.  My body drank in the nutrients and attention it received and released toxins and feels clean and nourished.
Thank You Rachael for generously sharing your knowledge and experience as a way shower to a cleaner, greener and leaner lifestyle.
The ‘froth on the juice’ was I lost 1 stone too!!!”

A very sincere thank you, this was so what I needed x x x x
Big Love SiSTAR