Womans Honouring Ceremony


I have created this online teaching with all in information you will need to hold a Womens Honouring Ceremony/ Honouring The Bones/ Closing the Bones/ Post Partum healing/ – whatever you choose to call it!

Reclaiming rites of passage, ceremonies, rituals…
By just BEING with each other we can create healing. Placing our hands on parts of our bodies they relax and there is an energy exchange. When we weave words, song, drumming, singing bowls and silence together we honour and allow space for healing and transformation.
Ceremonies are for all transitions–first blood, birth, moon pause, illness, hysterectomy, infertility, cancer, cfs, pcos, leaving home, leaving school, divorce, marriage, end of breastfeeding, end of mothering….
Let’s honour each other with ceremony ❤️

I believe all communities need to reclaim our rites of passage and ceremonies, so please, please, make this your own.

Add your own flavour to it, add in your gifts, talents whether it’s massage, reiki, acupressure, singing, listening or just touch.

Share it in your community.

It can be given to women of any age, whether they have had children or not, whether it’s been 4 weeks or 40 years since they gave birth. Perhaps it’s a ceremony to honour a hysterectomy, or to honour a womb that has never conceived, perhaps it’s to honour a woman who is sick and just needs holding.

Make it YOURS!

This on line teaching includes-

*Downloadable PDF booklet of details instructions of what you will need and step by step how to hold the ceremony
*Guidance Video
*Song Sheet
*MP3 of songs
*How to Belly Bind Videos

Once paid for you will receive an email confirmation with a PDF download with the password to the online teaching page with all the resources.