Red Tent Retreat Days

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Join me for gorgeous day of Red Tent yumminess!

Every few months I will hold a day of retreat and relaxation, that will include a delightful meditation/journey, circle sharing, a topic for discussion, crafting, singing, drumming and general womb led lushness!

Each session will be 10.30am-2.30pm, suggested donation is £25, bring your open heart and a packed lunch! All Women welcome, and daughters over 13 are free to workshops that are suitable.

Drop into any session, but please book as numbers are limited by the size of the yurt! Book by paying a £5 deposit here.
Red Tent Retreat Day Deposit :


6th May- Exploring the Moon-Pause Threshold- Whether you are in the thick of it, on the edge or just want to be prepared, join me in exploring the Moon Pause threshold and let’s open the conversation on the real truth about menopause.

We will explore the stages of menopause, tools to support this transition, we will create a moon-pause medicine pouch, I will show you some other medicine crafts that will honour your moon-pause and suggest further reading and ways to explore this threshold. Book by paying a deposit above….




July 2019 Womb/Yoni Crafting session
Sept 2019 Honouring Ourselves in a Beautiful Womens Ritual

Previous days-

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Womb Love- Yoni Steams, Womb packs and Womb Blessing with Sally and Rachael

Up coming sessions…

The Nine Thresholds of womanhood

Womb Journeys

Womb Songs and Earth Songs


Boob Casts

Menstrual/Menopause belts

Medicine Dolls

Strong Woman Malas

Smudge Sticks

Clay Oracles

Medicine Bags

email to express your interest in any of these!