Red Tent Retreat Days

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Join Amber , Sally, and myself and be held in gorgeous day of Red Tent yumminess!

Every few months we will hold a day of retreat and relaxation, that will include a delightful meditation/journey, circle sharing, a topic for discussion, crafting, singing, drumming and general womb led lushness!

Each session will be 10.30am-2.30pm, suggested donation is £20, bring lunch to share. All Women welcome, and daughters over 13 are free.

Our Teachings are now available as GIFT ECONOMY- see my blog, in an effort to change the patriarchal business model , myself and the women I work with are now offering our work under this model. For this is the Wise Womans Way- “here is my work, I feel its worth and its value, here is your opportunity to join me in a new system- pay what you feel its worth and value are, and if today thats £5 and next month its £50, that OK. I trust you to value me.”

Drop into any session, but please book as numbers are limited by the size of the yurt! Book by paying a £5 deposit here.
Red Tent Retreat Day Deposit :

6th May- Exploring the Moon-Pause Threshold

July 2019 Womb/Yoni Crafting session
Sept 2019 Honouring Ourselves in a Beautiful Womens Ritual

Previous days-

Dive in to the Wisdom & Power of your Cycle With Amber and Rachael
Womb Love- Yoni Steams, Womb packs and Womb Blessing with Sally and Rachael

Up coming sessions…

The Nine Thresholds of womanhood

Womb Journeys

Womb Songs and Earth Songs


Boob Casts

Menstrual/Menopause belts

Medicine Dolls

Strong Woman Malas

Smudge Sticks

Clay Oracles

Medicine Bags

email to express your interest in any of these!