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~lwf0000Reiki means ‘universal wisdom and life energy’, it is also known as ‘the secret art of inviting happiness’.

It is a Japanese form of healing similar to spiritual healing where the practitioner channels divine light to aid the physical and energy body to heal. Reiki is primarily a powerful ‘self help tool’ – it helps develop a positive attitude to life, heightens intuition, increases energy and expands creativity. Reiki brings about deep relaxation, feelings of joy and well being, leaves you feeling calmer, content and serene; it helps you feel more optimistic and better able to cope with day to day stresses. For those that are sensitive and empathic, it helps strengthen the aura empowering you to brush off other peoples ‘stuff’ more easily. It is a useful healing technique for depression, anxieties, and stress related disorders such as IBS. It’s a gentle and useful tool to use with small children when they are teething, unwell and restless, it’s a wonderful way to lull them to sleep. It also helps relieve pain and release emotional traumas from the past and present. It supports recovery of addictions.

i have been teaching Reiki for almost 20 years, privately and for organisations such as Addiction Recovery agencies, Single Parent support, Educational departments within schools and love to see the changes Reiki brings to peoples lives.

Reiki I- Up Coming Dates- Thursdays- Jan 2023 12th, 19th, 26th, 2nd Feb,  1-3pm at my home in Hebron. BOOK by 1st Jan! see- for more info see here

Perfect for beginners to Reiki energy, or those who may want to refresh their Reiki skills (discount for those already attuned)

This level allows you to channel Reiki energy and thus treat yourself, family and friends. The class consists of an attunement and all the required information & practical exercises to allow you to understand and use Reiki. Reiki I classes are run as 1 day intensives, weekend classes as well as a 4 week day/evening classes, or can be arranged as a one to one session. I am happy to teach Reiki in organisations or groups.. contact me. Cost- sliding scale £75- £100 (1 day classes £50-75)

Reiki II- dates TBC

Building on Level I, this level increases the flow of reiki energy and includes a further attunement. Reiki symbols are also given to help with more specific areas of healing and to allow distant treatments. Reiki II is always run as a 4-6 week course, costs include ongoing support after the class. On completion  of the Reiki requirements, you will be a qualified practitioner. Sliding scale £100- £150

My Reiki Classes are intimate and affordable! Classes usually consist of a maximum of 6 students – allowing for individual support and plenty of practice time. Reiki I classes are run as 1 day intensives, weekend classes as well as a 4-6 week evening classes, or can be arranged as a one to one session. Reiki II is always run as a 4-6 week class. Payments can be made over time and concessionary places are available, email to for further info.

Feedback from my Reiki Classes has been:

“I have spent the year completing my Reiki level one and two with Rachael and it has been life changing. I highly recommend this course for your own personal development and healing……because we are ALL WORTH IT ! Rachael  is the perfect teacher, patient, inspiring with a beautiful open heart.Thank you Rachael, for opening my body-mind to Reiki”

“I did my Reiki 1 and 2 with Rachael and it was amazing, Rachael is a wonderful teacher and Reiki has added so much to my life xxx”

“I only met Rachael just over a year ago and within that year my life truly has been turned around, I was feeling stressed and confused as to the direction I should be going in also that I was missing the signs the universe was sending me. But since attending Rachael,s Reiki Classes I feel much more in control of my life which has had a knock on effect to my family and those people around me. I no longer feel like a headless chicken!”

“I felt the class had a relaxed and open environment, and I loved that it was all women! Learning reiki has been AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING! Thank you so, so much Rachael”

“Reiki has enhanced my wellbeing. Knowing it’s always available to me is a great comfort to any situation.. Reiki is an amazing life skill and I,m excited of how my life will develop”

“Reiki has helped me feel more confident and relaxed Rachael is enthusiastic, calm and down to earth in her style – which makes Reiki more accessible”

“It was great to have the space to share our experiences and developments – rather like a healing group!”

“The best thing was being with “like minded” people! Learning Reiki with Rachael has given me the tools to move forward on my own journey. I’ve loved it, its been amazing!”

“There was such emotional support, Rachael is sensitive and compassionate to our personal journeys”

“Reiki has helped me to manage my emotions, accept myself and my limitations and has given me a more positive outlook on life”

One to One Sessions to learn Reiki I can be arranged – please contact me for more information on this