Reiki I – one day workshop

Rachael Crow Reiki

Reiki I

Reiki means ‘universal wisdom and life energy’, it is also known as ‘the secret art of inviting happiness’.

July 13th 10-4pm Hebron, Carmarthenshire

Cost- sliding scale  £50-75

This level allows you to channel Reiki energy and thus treat yourself, family and friends. The class consists of an attunement and all the required information & practical exercises to allow you to understand and use Reiki.

To book a place, click here to pay a deposit of £30
Reiki I Deposit :

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing similar to spiritual healing where the practitioner channels divine light to aid the physical and energy body to heal. Reiki is primarily a powerful ‘self help tool’ – it helps develop a positive attitude to life, heightens intuition, increases energy and expands creativity. Reiki brings about deep relaxation, feelings of joy and well being, leaves you feeling calmer, content and serene; it helps you feel more optimistic and better able to cope with day to day stresses. For those that are sensitive and empathic, it helps strengthen the aura empowering you to brush off other peoples ‘stuff’ more easily. It is a useful healing technique for depression, anxieties, and stress related disorders such as IBS. It’s a gentle and useful tool to use with small children when they are teething, unwell and restless, it’s a wonderful way to lull them to sleep. It also helps relieve pain and release emotional traumas from the past and present. It supports recovery of addictions.

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