Ritual Tattoo Day

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 Sacred Tattoo, Drum, Ritual and Ceremony.

With tattooist Suzi Edwards (Earth Pathways Diary artist and sacred tattooist) and myself, Rachael Crow.

  Saturday 10th Feb 2024 Brynberian Hall


Ritual tattooing in

West Wales, Pembs



To book contact Rachael for a booking form on info@rachaelcrow.co.uk   and pay your £75 deposit – (friends and family paypal or) direct bank transfer to Rachael Crow – Sort code – 089250, A/c – 68555746

please note – due to small numbers in the group deposits cannot be refunded

You will be tattooed by Suzi choosing a totem of your own. Each person will be held in sacred space with singing, chanting and drumming by those taking part in the day.

A journey into your own transformation!

For many, the tattoo is a ritual act, a marking of passage or a goal attained along our Journeys Path. It maybe the mark of the warrior, witch, elder or shaman. For some, this marking of the skin, a transformation of the self, needs to be carried out in a ritual environment.

This Ritual Tattoo session is a deep journey for those wishing to have a tattoo as part of their own ritual experience.

As part of the day, there is the opportunity to join the “Marked Men & Women” community of folk who have chosen to be scarred with the witches mark, the broomsticks and the stang, in honour of our long lost sisters and brothers who were persecuted during the Burning Times and in pride of our own wonderous magic.

Carried out by a professional tattoo artist Suzi Edwards, in a sacred way, honouring the ancient traditions of tribal transformation!

You can expect a day of deep journey, transformation, ritual and community.

Tattoo design and advice can be given.

Tattoo designs are to fit into an 8cm square.

About Suzi Edwards-Professional and Ritual Tattooist over 25 years experience, Artist, Poet and wild witchy woman!

Contact – inkwitch333@googlemail.com

About Rachael Crow – experience of holding ceremonies for over 20 years, Drum Creatrix, Artist, Reiki Teacher, Moon Mother, Healer, Holder of the Womens Mysteries.

To book, contact Rachael info@rachaelcrow.co.uk



Are Inks non toxic, vegan? They are best quality vegan inks…all tattoo inks are slighly toxic, but Suzi buys the best avaliable.

Is the tattooing hand poked? No, it would take all day to do 1 or 2 people…you will be held in ritual space while being tattoed with an electric tattoo gun.