Drum Making Supplies For Sale

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Drum Making Supplies- all supplies are sourced with the UK if possible (cow, buffalo are from the US) and then internationally if suppliers the UK are unable to fulfil an order.

Hoops are bought partly made and then lovingly finished by myself.

Orders can take unto 6 weeks to fulfil, larger orders may take longer.

Postage is extra.

NOTE! You will need to know how to make a drum and have all the necessary tools to do this! If you would prefer a kit that is ready to go, and comes with a tutorial video- see my Etsy Shop.

TO ORDER– email me with your requirements, I will confirm what I’ve got in stock and give an approx time on how long it may take to fulfil and order.  email me here info@rachaelcrow.co.uk

Round Drum Hoops

12″ Mulberry £25

14″ Ash £28

16″ Ash £32










Oval Drum Hoops

14″ by 18″ Mulberry £35











Red Stag/ Fallow Deer £90 medium size, large hides £125.

images give examples and show drum hoops on the hide

Buffalo and Cow £200

Buffalo with 1 x 16″ hoop, 2 x 14″ hoop ad 1 x 12″ hoop

Cow hide

Hair On Cow Hide- patterns vary! approx 24 inches £50 each

Horse – half a hide £165, full hide £300- these are large, beautiful dark hides from Scotland
This images shows a half horse hide with 4 x 12″ hoops

This full horse hide has 4 x 14″ hoops on it