Online Offerings

I’m thrilled to be offering some online “Deepening Woman” offerings and other tools so you can participate in the wisdom shared in my Red Tent journey circles, drum groups etc. I have been holding and facilitating workshops and classes, including rites of passage ceremonies for over 25 years- for more information about me see my About Me page!

My passion is Empowering others to find their own inner Medicine – we are all magnificent, and when we listen deeply to intuition and our bodies we can step fully into our power!

Some of these offerings are now available on sliding scale- see my blog, in an effort to change the patriarchal business model , myself and some of the women I work with are now offering our work under this model. (note, I have put a cap on the lowest amount for certain courses) For this is the Wise Way. (if theres a particular one you are called to, but have financial difficulties, do email me)

So whether you need to get a bit healthier with a cleanse, want to learn to use your Medicine Drumconnect to your cycle, learn ways to celebrate your menarche with a catch up ceremony, journey the unfamiliar territory of menopause,  go deep on the Deepening Woman Journey, or you just need an uplifting drum journey/meditation, there’s support here for you!


Juice Cleanse & Deep Detox

Join my 7 day juice cleanse or 14 day detox programme! Need to lose weight, want to clean up your diet, get a bit healthier, have support to kick some bad food habits? As someone who has been juicing and detoxing for more than 7 years, starting with a Joe ...
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Healing & Blessing Free Drum Journeys

To offer a taste of my work I’m offering some free drum journeys on video and audio- see below. This audio is for joining the web of light and sending healing to the world. This Drum Journey I shared on a juice Detox retreat- it includes a little talk, a ...
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Meditations & Drum Journeys

For those of you who have followed my healing journey, you’ll know my meditation practice, journeying, working with my guides and ancestors has been a big part my life… i’m now sharing some of my practices with you, so now along side my online teachings I have many meditation and ...
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Love Your Period On Line Teaching

Love Your Period. book here Let’s dive into our womb space and work on what’s blocking us from loving our periods. Our wombs are not our enemy, although if you suffer from pain, pms, migraines, back ache, cramps, flooding… it feels like it! So together we will look at supporting ...
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Learn Reiki 1 On Line *half price sale*

cost- £99 £49 HALF PRICE SALE! PAY WHAT YOU CAN! paypal I really feel this healing tool is needed in these times, so plase join me in learning Reiki and change your life for the better! Reiki will change your life…for the better….It’s an amazingly simple healing tool that ...
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Red Tent & Moon Lodge Wisdom Teachings

Do you want to set up a Red Tent, Moon Lodge or Womens circle but don’t know where to start? Buy here. This online teaching will guide you through the steps and also the pit falls of running an ongoing womens circle. Rachael shares in a video her experiences, she ...
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Broken Basket Woman/ Menopause 101- Online Teachings

Broken Basket Woman  cost- sliding scale £30-£55  pay what you can-  puchase here Broken Basket Woman, Mid Woman, Changing Woman, Wise Woman, Deepening Woman, Sacred Wise Woman teachings for women on their Mid Woman Journey….. Standing at the threshold of what our society labels ‘menopause’ can be a lonely and scary ...
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Red Girl (Mid Girl and Menarche) Passages- Online Teachings

  Red Girl (Mid Girl & Menarche) Passages –buy here Includes Facebook Support Group How many girls are taught that their menstruation is her power? How would your relationship to your cycle have been different if you had been celebrated at menarche? What if society was set up to support ...
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A bit about me….

I am Rachael….My life’s work and purpose is to empower people to awaken to their authentic powerful self….!

For more info on workshops and course dates, bookings  contact me by email

Feedback from women who have worked with Rachael-

I attended Rachael and Eartha’s course ”Mid Girl – Healing the Maiden’ and it has profoundly improved my life. I had been in therapy for years to heal the wounds of a very pained childhood  and made lots of good progress. However, there was an incredible healing power in getting together with other women in a safe held space and being able to share my journey in a group setting. Rachael and Eartha created a very sacred space and held it together with a huge amount of love, care, expertise and support. My inner Maiden felt so seen, witnessed and nurtured in a way that therapy alone was not able to achieve. I have felt remarkable changes within myself since attending the course and I am hugely grateful to Rachael and Eartha for running the course in such a professional sensitive way. I highly recommend the courses Rachael and Eartha run, if you are someone looking to be the best version of yourself and move past old hurts and limitations. Love to all xxx

Rachael goes above and beyond what you might expect, she gives and gives so much…. information, holding and awareness of the process. She is truly someone who walks her talk and guides women to rebirth themselves anew. These initiations are so needed, so powerful and so transforming. Thank you Rachael for the work you give to the world.

I had connected with Rachael previously on one of the Mother and Daughter camps. I experienced the care given to celebrating my daughter’s own rise towards womanhood and when the opportunity arose to receive similar nourishment from them myself through a catch up ceremony, I jumped at the chance to do so, knowing I could rely on her capable leadership. On the day, after working on the preparation materials provided, I was ready to receive exactly what I asked for and they gave and gave. It was definitely emotional and has been subsequently energising. Today I know I have shifted my family’s balance towards a thriving womanhood for future generations. I would recommend an honouring the menarche ceremony for girls or catchup for women to anyone who desires to honour who they are in a safe space, held with sensitive expertise and dedicated vision.

This is a wonderful journey for women, I was so empowered when I first did this amazing work I did it a second time to go deeper. Rachael gives such caring guidance and is such a wealth of knowledge of all women’s wisdom. I can’t recommend it enough.

Recommended full heartedly … amazing and full of information and love and joy xxxxxx

‘Such a deeply heartfelt and magical ceremony. I was fearful that it would be painful, but discovered it to be a beautiful, tender experience that re-connected me to my maiden self in an unexpectedly joyful and empowering way. Rachael held this ceremony with such love, witnessing every woman in the circle with deep caring. And it was so moving to honour and be honoured by all the other women. For the first time in my life I am feeling the power and wisdom of my menstrual cycle!’

‘Life changing’

‘I’ve grown and changed in such positive ways this year, I feel more empowered and on my path’

‘Rachael holds the circle in such a special way….it’s been a transformational year!’

‘There was such emotional support, Rachael is sensitive and compassionate to our personal journeys’

‘It was great to have the space to share our experiences and developments – rather like a healing group!’

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