Embodying our inner oracle and following our intuition

Rachael Crow On Line Teachings

ONLY £17!!

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A mini course on making YOUR OWN unique set of oracle cards, & diving deep into your own intuition, becoming YOUR OWN ORACLE, trusting & following your own wisdom!

We have been raised to believe others have the answers- where as I believe the power lies within!

Oracle cards are one way to tap into our inner guidance, our inner compass & receive messages from Source.

Join me & discover the POWER of your intuition.

This course includes-

✨Instruction video

✨Audio file of me talking about intuition and embodying our inner oracle

✨Self enquiry questions to work on

PDF of how to create a group collage with intention and then make individual cards from the collage- fab to use in a womens circle.

Share this with your womens groups, mum daughter circles etc

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