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Originally a Liverpudlian, I settled and raised my two eldest children in Bristol, before moving out of the city to live with my 2 youngest in the Wilds of West Wales. Here I have been on a pilgrimage journey along side my ancestors, the crows and the land into peri- menopause and healing cancer. I’m a healer, intuitive, energy worker, drum maker, cancer thriver, I have found peace, stillness and power through listening to my body and womb, following my cycle, the ebb and flow of moon and the stars…

In 1999 I hit a "rock bottom" with addictions that opened me in a way I never thought possible, I know now this was due to my saturn return, and having a "peak expereince", that brought a massive spiritual awakening. Since then I've been able to see the world from a different perspective, hold a universal vision of a bigger picture, work with angels, guides and spirit animals and since this time I have been in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, food issues and co-dependancy. Each day I have offer myself in service to Spirit and Mother Earth and every day is an adventure!

Then in 2018 I was diagnosed with cancer, and again, this opened me to another level of awakening, more "peak expereinces', opening even more to the Divine and her love for humankind. I had no fear of cancer and only trusted this was another level of healing for Anita Moojani says "Cancer came to save me!" I am on my healing path, alongside supporting others on their healing journeys, bringing in love where there is fear, light where there is darkness...I got the "all clear" in Jan 21.

"Rachael is a Spiritual Warrior" Sophie Sabbage, The Cancer Whisperer

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I began my “Journey in to the Womens Mysteries” when I started making cloth pads over 25 years ago. This led me to explore my cyclical nature and find healthy ways to ease my PMT and work on my relationship to my body. I became a massage therapist and drugs counsellor in my 20’s, a Reiki Master and bee keeper in my 30’s and trained as one of Miranda Grays Moon Mothers (giving Womb and Yoni Blessings and healings)and a doula in my 40’s – along side many years of working with addicts and single mums teaching relaxation techniques, massage and Reiki, running Moon Times and Jam Sponge, (eco menstrual product business), putting on menstrual health workshops, Thirteen Moons year long journey, Mum and Daughter Lodge Days & camps, making drums and teaching drum birthing ,writing books and running full moon womens groups and dark moon red tents, honouring womens transitions with ceremony and healing though Honouring the Womb ceremonies, Intuitive Massage and healing, distant energy work and healings .

Due to home educating my 2 youngest, I am mostly working on line thorough my Patreon, Online Teachings offering some drum groups and one to one sessions.

My passion lies in Empowering Women through connection to the Womens Mysteries, supporting women to trust their inner wisdom, especially as they come to the major stages in life; girls first menstruation or Menarche, meeting Motherhood at the Birth Altar, Parenting, Menopause.

I believe women deeply appreciate learning about alternative and positive ways to think about their bodies! Plus I love bringing people to the heart beat of our Earth Mother, to quieten ourselves and deeply listen to her messages, through our wombs, drum journeys, nature connection….We can all pause, breathe, drop our roots down and connect to the earth any time and listen to her wisdom. I am Earth Keeper, I am the earth, I hold the earth at my centre and consider her in all my actions.

My books "Why Does Mummy Bleed?" and “Menarche a Journey into Womanhood” are now available world wide on Amazon and at Moon Times!

Why Does Mummy Bleed? is one of those important books that every Mum needs for her children. Let’s change the conversation we have around our cycles. Women around the world bleed each month and yet many never talk to their children about why, how to help or even what’s happening. Imagine if we could, not only talk, but talk positively about our periods. Dauntless Daughters and Moon Times have come together in a wonderfully gentle collaboration to explain and explore why mummy bleeds.

Menarche, a journey into Womanhood is a mums and girls guide to celebrating her first period; includes menarche (first period) stories, ways to celebrate her first period, mum & daughter bonding ideas, the connection to the moon, understanding your cycle, menstrual tips, suggested books and much more!


Since 2005, my award winning business’ have been nominated and shortlisted for various awards, including in 2008 Sustainable Business Award and the Women Who Make A Difference Award, in 2005 and 2006 for the Women in Enterprise Award and Special Recognition Award for Work in the Community.