Honouring The Womb

“Honouring The Womb” is created through Rachael’s knowledge of Womb Wisdom from almost 30 years of learning, teaching, writing about, creating ceremonies and supporting women and girls in their womb power!

I am happy to co-create with you the perfect package that might consist of a ceremony, womb healing /blessing /massage, a closing the bones ceremony, Menarche or other threshold rite of passage honouring, drum birthing.

I have been teaching womb wisdom for over 30 years, starting with cycle awareness back in 1989. I am a qualified dola, breastfeeding counsellor and trained in Closing the Bones, most recently I’ve completed fertility massage training, plus nutrition courses specialising in hormone balancing.


I am particularly called to offer Womb Honouring for women in peri menopause/menopause/ post hysterectomy to really be present with their Holding The Wise Blood Within. For women who may have had difficult menses, pain, flooding, severe mood swings, fertility issues, a womb that longed for a child but it just didn’t happen. I wish to support you in the grief, anger, pain, messiness and hopefully into an acceptance of your womb as you step over the threshold into moon- pause, saying goodbye and thank you to any dis-ease your womb may have brought you. Together we will release your ‘her-story’ of your womb in ceremony.

Distant healings are also available.

Examples of Prices:

All sessions are held in ceremony, we will smudge, meditate, ground and then I will offer

  • Womb Massage lasts approx 45 min-1hr- £50
  • Womb Healing  lasts approx 45 min-1hr- £45
  • Closing the Bones ceremony £60
  • Closing The Bones with Womb massage £75
  • Closing The Bones with robozo and massage £90
  • Closing the bones, robozo, massage and belly binding (including the belly bind to keep) £160.
  • Womb Healing with support for a transition- perimenopause, hysterectomy, birth, loss, going back to recover your first blood … approx 1 -1 ½ hrs £60
  • Womb Massage, healing, mini closing the bones, drum birthing £350
  • Drum Birthing 1 day workshop 1-1 £300
  • Home visits will cost more, we can arrage your package deal for you.


We can co-create any combination of of the above! 

Contact me to talk it over and book in, Should you need to cancel a treatment/meeting within 24 hrs I charge a 50% cancellation fee. Please fill in my consultation form here. (note, it doesn’t save so fill it out all in one go, give yourself time as its thorough)

Want to know more about me before we work together? See my ‘about me’ page.

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Gift Vouchers are purchasable for all treatments- Womb Healings, Drum Birthing, Reiki and Massage. Give a gift thats different! Contact me to purchase one.


“As a gift to myself this year, I decided to spend a weekend in the wonderful care and wisdom of Wise woman Rachael Crow.
I was aware my womb had been calling out for healing and my spirit has been calling due a drum.
Over a series of emails, including a thought provoking questionnaire, Rachael heard my needs and crafted a weekend that met all my needs, anticipated others ahead of me knowing them! and allowed space for wonderful walks in the amazing woods and deep rest and sleep.
I would recommend any woman who feels the need for healing around any elements of our womb cycle: be it menses, menopause, fertility, birth to connect with Rachael. She is a Medicine woman of deep integrity, kindness, wisdom and a heartfelt clarity. Spending time in her presence will nourish you in a way that feels vital, ancient and so, so necessary.
Her red tent was amazing to spend two nights in, it was just what my system needed and I left with my spirit song clearer and stronger because of it. Thank you.” Rachael, Chartered physiotherapist

“What a wonderful natural healer Rachael Crow is, I have been having womb massages from her for 5 months and I have gone from not wanting my moon time and quite glad when they don’t appear to embracing them and becoming more relaxed and listening to my body and reacting to her needs. The womb massages have brought up a lot of trauma from my own birth experience as well as the non existing relationship with my mother but has brought me closer to my ancestors and what they taught us has become clear through visions, dreams and meditation whilst having the massage and in between them. It has taught me to believe in the power of my womb and it’s connection to the path I am on and the journey I have already taken. These massages have also brought joy, laughter as well as tears whilst I have connected to my unconscious womb which has spent along time being dormant or actually just not tuned into correctly to the rest of my pathways.
I can actually hear her now over all that foggy hissing. Having these massages has my reduced sensitivity, pain in my pelvis and groan as well as my hips. The womb area for me has always been sacred but silent but now it’s become liberated and free. Rachael has spent a lot of work and time in tuning in and adjusting to the tenderness of my womb and I feel that having a gifted healer do this is very rare and being very cut off from my womb before she has been brought my womb out of the darkness and into the light of my body, mind and soul.

I would say go along not knowing what to expect and the treatment will tune into through Rachaels deep connections and power into what your womb needs definitely fits all shapes and size wombs this treatment. I’ve experienced the most powerful, deep rooted all over body connection from these wonderful womb massages, thank you to the goddess and universe for bringing Rachael into my womb and realising her power and wisdom. I am so looking forward to what my womb does next, and remember our wombs are much more powerful and full of the most Devine gifts this world has to offer. Thank you for showing me how to relove my womb. You’re Amazing ? ” Emma.