I am Rachael….My life’s work and purpose is to empower people to awaken to their authentic powerful self….!

Originally a Liverpudlian, I settled and raised my two eldest children in Bristol, before moving out of the city with my husband and third child to ‘live the good life’ in West Wales. I now have 4 children and live in a gorgeous hippy house surrounded by trees, rivers and lush green meadows.

Primarily I am a single mum- home ed-ing my youngst two, but also a Teacher of metaphysics/spiritual tools, Workshop facilitator, doula, breastfeeding mother supporter, artist, Medicine Drum Maker, Massage Therapist (including womb and fertility massage) and Reiki Master/teacher. In the past I have run dark moon Red Tent groups and full moon Womb Blessing groups. I have written articles for magazines such as Kindred Spirit, Juno and Aeva (previously She Who Knows) and many Blogs.  I spent many years as the manageress and creatress of Moon Times eco femme wear company.

I’ve been on a path of transformation since my late teens when I became interested in meditation, intuition and self healing, studying self growth, mysticism and metaphysics from a young age! l was initiated by lsis when l was 19 and pregnant with my second child, she opened me to remembering my past life as a temple priestess and has put many of my past life soul group into my path.

In 1999 I hit a “rock bottom” with addictions that opened me in a way I never thought possible, I know now this was due to my saturn return, and having a “peak expereince”, that brought a massive spiritual awakening. Since then I’ve been able to see the world from a different perspective, hold a vision of a bigger picture, work with angels, guides and spirit animals. Since this time I have been in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, food issues and co-dependancy. Each day I have offer myself in service to Spirit and Mother Earth and every day is an adventure!

Then in 2018 I was diagnosed with cancer, and again, this opened me to another level of awakening, more “peak expereinces’, opening even more to the Divine and her love for humankind. I had no fear of cancer and only trusted this was another level of healing for me…as Anita Moojani says “Cancer came to save me!” I am on a completely natural healing path, alongside supporting others on their healing journeys, bringing in love where there is fear, light where there is darkness.

To support my moon-pause and cancer journeys I have been practising meditation, breath work, yoga, reiki, conscious cycle charting, Trauma Release Exercises, nutrition, naturopathic techniques and other alternative healthy ways of living and healing.  I’m trained in holistic massage, womb massage, womb healing, reiki and yoga. I love to be in nature and walk everyday in the beautiful surroundings of my home.

I have been been inspired by and worked with many amazing women and men, and have worked in the voluntary sector with women with addictions, been a drugs worker, counsellor and a community artist.

In 2005 and 2006 I was nominated and short listed for the Women in Enterprise Award and Special Recognition Award for my work in the community.

Many years ago l worked deeply with Spikenard as part of “The Magdalene Experiment” wth James Twyman, remembering the sacred work of annointing.

ln 2006 l co-facilitated a gorgeous womens weekend on Dartmoor dedicated to Mary Magdalene.

 l spent a couple of years on the holding group of a sufi camp that we attended as a family for many years and embraced Dances of Universal Peace (dances and songs of many traditions, many aramaic and hebrew), sufi practices and working with the Aramaic Lords Prayer. (see the work of Neil Douglas Klotz)

For almost 30 years I have worked with individuals, groups and communities; offering workshops and classes such as- Reiki Classes, Workshops; Thirteen Moons year long training, ‘Celebrating Menarche’- mother and daughter days, rites of passage ceremonies with young women, ‘Gifts of the Menstrual Cycle’ menstrual awareness courses, Womb healing sessions  (in person and distantly), doula work,  blessingways and naming ceremonies.

I am particularly passionate about working with women at their transitions- Menarche (first blood), Mother/ birthing yourself as a Mother, Honouring hysterectomy, infertility, peri menopause and menopause.  I even fundraised to create a real life Red Tent for women to gather in during their moon time!  I love bringing people to the heart beat of our Earth Mother, to quieten ourselves and deeply listen to her messages, through our wombs, drum journeys, nature connection….We can all pause, breathe, drop our roots down and connect to the earth any time and listen to her wisdom. I am Earth Keeper, I am the earth, I hold the earth at my centre and consider her in all my actions.

The last couple of years l joined Perdita Finn, Strand Clarke and many others in these Way of The Rose circles  Praying the Rosary together… taking me back to my past temple life once more – igniting a deeper longing to be with my sisters in prayer.

My workshops have been requested at various community events to celebrate International Women’s Day.

I am dedicated to my own journey of self growth and to supporting others on theirs.

Feed back from my healings, courses and workshops is outstandingly positive-

‘After being clean and sober for a few years, having a healing session with Rachael helped clear some energetic entities and she taught me simple techniques to keep my energy body strong, I’ve been feeling so much more positive and light with her support’ Nicky- on going healing sessions

‘Rachael just seems to know the right things to say, her words went right into my soul’ Heather – closing the bones

‘My womb clearing healing has transformed my relationship with my womb and my menstruation is such a positive way. Having held trauma from abuse for so many years, which led to pain and shame, I now feel free and enjoy my moontime ‘ Deborah- distant womb clearing

‘Having moved into perimenopause myself last year, I found working with Rachael Crow just beautifully soothing to my spirit and helpful making healthy choices for myself at this time’ Rachael- Honouring the Womb 

Oh wow, i had such a profound experience doing these Mary Magdalene meditations with Rachael- clearing my ancestral stuff around religion, church, patriarchy!! Mary came forward very clearly with synchronistic guidance for me. i’m looking forward to continuing to deepen my relationship with her and spending more time journalling to see what else arises! THANK YOU Rachael! xxx Jane

What i value so much about Rachael is she brings her ‘straight talking northern-ness’ into the spiritual- which i love- i just don’t resonate with the typical “priestess” in crystals and robes!! it’s just not me, out here in earthy Wales!! So i was curious to see what this new offering would bring and yes- more of the same straight talking spirtuality, empowering me (and all of you!) to step into our “Magdalene Body” and shine bright in the world. Rachael is a leading example of a radiant and grounded being.  Maya xx

‘Life changing’ – Emma -Reiki Training level 1

‘I’ve grown and changed in such positive ways this year, I feel more empowered and on my path’  Ruth- Reiki Training levels 1 and 2

‘Rachael holds the circle in such a special way….it’s been a transformational year!’ Sally- Thirteen Moons

‘There was such emotional support, Rachael is sensitive and compassionate to our personal journeys’ Dorothy- Thirteen Moons

‘It was great to have the space to share our experiences and developments – rather like a healing group!’ Tanya -Reiki Training level 1

My Workshops are a safe space to explore and journey deep within. We use art, movement, chanting, drumming, silence, journeying, visualisation, breath work and ceremony to support women to make the transformations they need in their lives now.

Some workshops and training are women only with the exception of Drum making/healing, Reiki Classes which are for men and women who are open to new perspectives to life!

Over the years my original hand made merchandise reflects my love of people and the planet- my art work was sold as cards (each full of sparkly things and affirmations), prints and I had my own set of daily affirmation cards to inspire and empower. (Sometimes still available on request)

My Drums support folk to connect deeply to the heart beat of the Earth Mother and their own paths. I have written books for women and girls on celebrating their cycle (image) .

I have been a member of The Red Web Foundation. Along with other women such as Vicki Noble, Tamara Slayton, Christiane Northrup, DeAnna Lam, and others we form a network of women committed to promoting menstrual health in their personal and professional lives. The Foundation is a member-run, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting a positive societal view of girls’ and women’s bodies and menstrual cycles from first menstruation (called menarche) through menopause. These ‘menstrual health advocates’ offer a diverse range of products, workshops, and educational materials and include artists, mental health professionals, businesswomen, mums, students, teachers, and health care providers. The Foundation is committed to including a diversity of cultural views and experiences of the menstrual life-cycle. We honour individual and cultural practices of the present day and the past which promote a healthy outlook for women and society.

You can contact me by email info@rachaelcrow.co.uk 

I look forward to working with you!

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