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As an intuitive healer and energy worker I will work with you on an energetic level- this starts with an email chat about what you wish to work on, then a distant healing which may lead to guidance with meditations/visualisations, perhaps suggesting some written work/journalling/ cycle charting.

What I offer-
General Intuitive Healing Session £40
Distant Healings with a focussed intention- such as womb clearing, releasing past trauma, support in clearing addictive entities, bringing in abundance etc. £50
One off Womb Focussed Healing Session £30
Womb Focussed Healing Session with additional support £50 (meditations, cycle charting info etc)

To book, pay the £20 deposit and email me at and we will arrange a suitable time and date for the both of us.

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Distant Healing Deposit :

As a sensitive and an intuitive, I have been working in the field of energy work and healing for many years, specialising in womb work for almost 30 years, supporting women through the transitions of their first blood, menstruation, clearing the womb of past traumas, energetically supporting birth and the menopause threshold. Along side that have worked in the field of addiction recovery for over 20 years, and more recently, because of my own cancer journey, I have started to work with cancer thrivers. My belief is that ‘dis-ease’ is just our body’s way of telling us we are out of balance, everything can be healed! Read more of my story here.

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