Vitality Support Circle

A group to support living healthfully, in joy, in love, in radiance!

Here I will create a SAFE SPACE to share


Meditations, tips, videos, sacred crafts, healing recipes, self enquiry questions to support you on your ongoing journey to Radiance!!!



£15 a month

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Rachael’s a radiant, healthful stage 4 cancer thriver, life long holder of womens mysteries, home ed mama, entrepreneur and creatrix….

keep scrolling for the 6 month membership plan…worth over £120- available to you for just £15 a month!


✨Each month there will be- 4 goodies- 1 a week so we don’t have overwhelm!!


🙏Plus an invitation every Sunday to join the healing collective- receive distant healing and /or join me in sending healing ❤️


✨Inspirational posts- helping you keep your vibe high, to stay in joy!


✨Video Diaries – catching you up on my life and what I’m focussing on myself


✨A Meditation/ Visualisation/ Drum Journey/ Card readings/Healing Recipes


✨Self Enquiry / journalling promps/questions


✨Healing sessions (every Sunday eve)


✨Sacred Crafts- for yourself, to share in your circles, to do with your family and friends

✨PLUS Extras-

✨Telegram chat group

✨Every now and again there will be a free course (at least 3 a year worth over £222!) and live Q&A sessions, zooms such as my Magdalene eves, meditation sessions, hang out for a chat…with me!


✨Our next zoom is January 2024…we will be meditating on past lives,  our angel guides and integrating more of our higher selves.✨

Who is this circle for…?

Women who live a sacred life or who aspire to!!


Women who love nature, sipping cacao, roses, angels, working with guides and ancestors


The healers, the sensitives


Home ed and moon pause mamas who want some moments of self care


Those facing a diagnosis who want to stay focussed on radiance and vitality over ‘health and healing’


Those who have joined me on my on-line courses and want to continue the journey


Those who wish to join me on this adventure called life!


Together let’s create a new community- a NEW EARTH community

 WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for! 🙌🏻


✨ I mostly follow nudges from spirit- but it’s also good to have a rough plan sometimes!!! So here’s the draft plan (it may change!!) for the next 6 months of the membership-

✨Oct- Oracle card course and deep dive into intuition, video diary about my trip to see Veda Austin


✨Nov- Mary Magdalene- embodiment Zoom


✨Dec -Saining Herbs course and purification songs,my little release 2023 journal and magical releasing ceremony.


✨Jan- Akashic records & Angels zoom and my fav cacao recipe


✨Feb- why we cleanse, my fav smoothie and breathwork


✨March- my spring cleanse!


My life’s work and purpose is to empower people to awaken to their authentic powerful self….!

Originally a Liverpudlian, I settled and raised my two eldest children in Bristol, before moving out of the city to ‘live the good life’ in West Wales. I have 4 children and live in a gorgeous hippy house surrounded by trees, rivers and lush green meadows.

Primarily I am a single mum- home ed-ing my youngst two, but also a Teacher of metaphysics/spiritual tools, Workshop facilitator, doula, breastfeeding mother supporter, artist, Medicine Drum Maker, Massage Therapist (including womb and fertility massage) and Reiki Master/teacher.

Read more about Rachael here…..