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Love Your Period.

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Let’s dive into our womb space and work on what’s blocking us from loving our periods. Our wombs are not our enemy, although if you suffer from pain, pms, migraines, back ache, cramps, flooding… it feels like it!

So together we will look at supporting the body to come into balance, to ease symptoms, bring love to your womb, bring awareness of the whole cycle, self love and self care techniques and tools to make a happier healthier womb…which in turn leads to a happier healthier life!


This on line teaching includes-
Videos about how to bring your body and womb into balance
Cycle awareness
The Power of your Cycle
Self care in your cycle- womb packs, yoni steams and more
Womb mediations- womb connection and womb clearing
Self Womb Massage techniques
Menstrual products
Loads of book suggestions for further reading


“Women’s mysteries, the blood mysteries of the body, are not the same as the physical realities of menstruation, lactation, pregnancy, and menopause; for physiology to become mystery, a mystical affiliation must be made between a woman and the archetypal feminine. A woman must sense, know or imagine herself as Woman, as Goddess, as an embodiment of the feminine principle…Under patriarchy this connection has been suppressed; there are no words or rituals that celebrate the connection between a woman’s physiological initiations and spiritual meaning.”

–Jean Shinoda Bolen


“I’ve got friends who are feminists, friends who are environmentalists and friends who are activists. I even know some amazing feminist environmental activists! If you identify as any of the above, I highly recommend taking the Love Your Period course, which I took last year, run by my wonderful friend Rachael Crow. Here’s why:

– For Feminism: The taboo around periods is something we are all affected by. Ignorance and lack of understanding leads to fear and the need to dominate and control – from the erosion of reproductive rights in the US to children dying in isolated menstruation huts in Nepal. The more we understand our own bodies, the stronger we are in the fight against sexism.

– For the environment: learning about your cycle is an amazing opportunity to learn about reusable menstrual products – sponges, cups, pads and pants, there’s so much more on offer than non-biodegradable throwaway crap!

– For activism: being an activist isn’t just about waving a sign at a march. It’s about being active in our own lives, taking back control of our health from a hierarchical medical profession and a corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Knowing your cycle means less dependence on hormonal birth control, improved mental health and living more in tune with the cycles of nature that we are an intrinsic part of.

International Women’s Day is coming up on 8th March…why not get one of the incredible women in your life a place on this course as a thank you for being the wonderful creature she is?!

It’s time to get seriously radical, and there’s nothing more radical than loving your period!”


Love Your Period helped me to identify these needs and inclinations I wasn’t aware of before, I am now taking more opportunities to withdraw and do some more self care, reading more books, I’m rising early and meditating and doing lots of womby things and going on a bit of a journey with it all!

I can’t tell you how amazing I’ve found this course, and learning all the things I have over the last few months. It’s really helped me to understand what I need at different times in my cycle, to accept that I feel certain ways at certain times, and that there’s nothing wrong with that! I’ve started to prioritise what I need, to not apologise so much for needing time and space to myself, and it’s made me feel much stronger and more confident. I think it’s made my relationship with my partner better, and helped me to deal with a lot of baggage I’ve been carrying around for a long time. Thanks so much Rachael, I so appreciate the time and love you put into this work…

I participated in ‘Love your Period’ online because I trust Rachael. I trust her wisdom, her commitment, her experience, her knowledge. She has created teachings which offer a comprehensive guide on how to enjoy and work with your cycle as well as provided a variety of curated resources which have supported me in being able to best look after myself at different times of the month. An especial thank you for the womb/ heart connection meditation which comes as part of the teachings – as a peri-menopausal woman, it has helped me stand in my power when things have been challenging. I always keep on eye out for what Rachael is offering – I know her teachings will be delivered with love and are built on years of experience of connecting with women in sacred space.