Initiation- Navigating the thresholds of Illness & Death

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Initiation- Navigating the thresholds of Illness & Death with Eartha Love and Rachael Crow

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We felt called to put this bundle together as both of us have been supporting many folk going though massive Initiations at this time. Whether a diagnosis, loss of a loved one, huge shake up of your life in some way- these are all Initiations, thresholds in which your soul is calling you to stop, take stock, re-evaluate and get fully on board with your soul work- soul purpose.
Illness and death are, if navigated in a good way opportunities for a huge growth in conciousness. They are a time of deep change, a chance to deeply surrender, to allow a massive shift in your inner world and the rebirth that always follows….a ressurection of your body and soul, allowing more grace and light in than ever before. Our own personal inner intiations take us into the dark night of the soul, enabling us to sacrifice what no longer serves, to open our hearts to our souls.. these inner iniations inform the collective initiation we are moving through as a species, the re birth or ressurection of the collective being the new earth..
Combining our joint experience of stage 4 cancer and the passing of a beloved, Rachael and Eartha share the tools they used to navigate their dark night and embody the resurrection of themselves.
In the intro video we share our experiences of initation, and then in the tools video we talk about how we moved through what seemed like tradegy and suffering into the sacredness of our heart and soul.
We include several of our own recorded meditations (by themselves worth over £50!) for you to download and a comprehensive list of resources to support you, or your loved one, friend, family member through this time of Initiation.
Videos about initiation and tools to support you.
PDF of our support tools.
11 Meditations
Resources list
Plus!! *BONUS*  video from our private Patreon group talking about the Initiation of Death

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Review –

I welcomed this short course at this time while I was going through a big life change. The initial talk was informative and genuine. It summed up what I was going through during this time. Because of their experience and wisdom I felt that I was not alone and was able to access parts of myself that I had not been able to during the last few years. They are both very authentic and very knowledgeable in their work so trust in what they said was very welcomed.