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Shamanic Dowsing sessions-

I advise choosing just 1-3 issues to work on to begin with and then allow the body to adjust before moving on to more deeper healing.
Dowsing can support you in clearing obstacles and blocks that keep you from moving forward in your life. During your session, we come together with the Spirit World- my guides and yours- to clear energies, imprints, and patterns negatively impacting you. These clearings take place across multiple dimensions and then directly transform your physical reality. (sessions maybe done by me distantly, or together on zoom, see below)

What makes this dowsing ‘shamanic’?

My teachers had been shamanic practitioners and so they had a background in shamanic tools for doing what we can now do- much more quickly and cleanly using dowsing. This isn’t to say the shamanic practices aren’t powerful and vital for many- and of course ceremony is community building and important for witnessing those in need of the shamanic medicine. Dowsing removes the need for journeying into someone elses trauma, it removes the replaying of old stories- we don’t need to ask any questions unless we are curious- we can just use the Dowse to clear and move on. Anything you can do under ‘shamanic practices’ you can do using dowsing- such as soul retrieval, energy clearing, breaking contracts, re-writing contracts, removing entities….etc and dowsing is much faster!! !!

EVERY SESSlON lNCLUDES- asking permission from spirit to go ahead, checking the energy of your home, checking your energy (which needs to be stronger than your home), clearing and freqency reading- from these results i am guided where we may need to clear, balance or create new patterns for opportunity. All sessions end with inviting in the Window of Opportunity- light, love, abundance, prosperity, beauty, joy, creativity, inspiration, deserving, partnership, courage……

I can work with you on-
Changing Non- beneficial Belief Systems, Adjusting Energy Levels (yours and your home), Adjusting Levels of Frequencies (physical/mental), Brain Balance, Soul Vibration, beliefs around deserving, creating multi dimensional ‘filters’ for your home and surroundings.

Checking for and clearing- Entities, Curses, Psychic Cords, Non-beneficial Energetic Patterns, Old Vows, Commitments, Contracts, Agreements, Pledges, Promises, Alliances and Allegiances, Portals….

Clear your name -clearing any associations with a particular family line or tribe? checkng are there curses on your name? are there any non beneficial psychic cords to others in the family line? Are there any heritage and culture imprints: Is you name handed down? Is your name referenced from a historical or biblical figure? If so, what energy does that carry? What archetype? All these can be cleared with dowsing.

Where you wanted at Birth? – clearing feelings of un-wantedness, low confidence, abandonment

Soul Retrieval –Reclaiming Lost Aspects of Soul

Home and land – geo-stress, water stress, land disagreements, trauma, old energy of wars, land issues, neighbour disputes etc

All sessions end with inviting in the Window of Opportunity– light, love, abundance, prosperity, beauty, joy, creativity, inspiration, deserving, partnership, courage……

Suggested donation £10 per issue or full reading for £100 covering many topics.

contact me on to book

To schedule your session, please consider the type of session you would like and complete payment (paypal to my email or donate button below) , will then contact you within 48 hours to schedule with you. Most sessions are done distantly, for clearing birth issues and soul retrieval, you will participate on zoom.We can schedule a date to work for both of us.


feed back
“I highly recommend a session with Rachael. It’s like magic. She dowsed me the other week as suffering with long long chesty/cold/ low energy thing that had been going on for months. She picked up lots of stuff in the house, what was going on in my body ( energetic and not physical ) where I had been cursed, old contracts…. all sorts.  After she cleared the house there were noises and banging and all this anger came up and out .. it was very powerful ! Anyway i would recommend to all to try and see fit yourself . Thank you Rachael” Elaine