Healing & Blessing Free Drum Journeys

Rachael Crow On Line Teachings

To offer a taste of my work I’m offering some free drum journeys on video and audio- see below.

This audio is for joining the web of light and sending healing to the world.

This Drum Journey I shared on a juice Detox retreat- it includes a little talk, a prayer to the ancestors, angels etc and the journey. Enjoy!

This is a drum journey to support stepping into your FULL medicine, Your Truth, releasing blocks, allowing healing and letting go of anything that needs to be released to support you stepping into your Whole, Amazing, Beautiful Self!

if you enjoy these, and can spare it, any donations are welcome 🙂 paypal.me/RachaelCrow12

Morning meditation at the well

In this video we will open to the divine, to the energies of the earth and the cosmos, to open to the magical space where miracles can happen!


My full moon drum journey and fire ceremony with talisman making teaching. Making a talisman/prayer arrow/spirit arrow as part of a gratitude/healing/letting go/ calling in ceremony. You will need a stick, bits from nature to tie on…. Feather, leaf, flower, natural wool or cotton string. Enjoy!

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