Ascension Meditations and Tools

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Ascension Meditations and Tools

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We are ascending, the Earth is vibrating at a higher frequency, solar flares are coming in more rapidly, the veil (I believe) is no longer surrounding the planet! We are multi dimentional beings and now is the time to fully embrace our luminous bodies, and live as the magnificent multi dimentional beings that we are!

This bundle includes an introduction video and audio , 7 Ascension Meditations and Visualisations to support us in moving into 5D (ascension visualisations, calling in more light, working with angels and ascended masters, working with our Monad- I AM precence, our 5D chakra system, working with our spirit team and soul group) plus a 12 page PDF of tools and exercises, and a BONUS 4 video visualisations to the stars (worth £22!)

Some are embracing this transition completely, others are finding these times tricky, this tool kit is a support for anyone who just needs a bit of reassurance, guidance or extra tools for their medicine kit as we go through these times of great change, and for those fully embracing it- these meditations will support you as you step more fully into luminosity!