Wise Woman * Medicine Woman* Mystery School* Thirteen Moons Journey *Online*

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Online version

CLOSED until Sept 2024!!

i’ve had so many requests over the last few years ‘when will you run your 13 moons again? and would you run it online?’ – well, finally it maybe happening!!!

What will it be?

An alchemical cauldron of all my knowledge from the past 30 years of holding circles, teaching womb wisdom, Magdalene offerings, drum journeys, meditations, holding cleanses- my unique medicine….PLUS what i have learned the past 5 years while healing, transitioning moon-pause, cancer initiation….

So together we will flow and weave a new Her Story for the New Earth and Ourselves!

Each month there will be –

videos, songs for joy and to drum to, a herb to immerse with, meditations, a PDF workbook,  exercises such as nature connection, ceremony/ritual….

plus ongoing creative projects- a belt of power, prayer work, re-writing your story with the support of a Spirit Goddess Mentor, creating spiritual alchemy in your life….

A group zoom call (dates below)

A Telegram Support Group

if you’re ready for an UPGRADE- this journey is for you!!

Cost-£90 per month

 Download an application form here

All  forms must be in by 1 st Aug 2024

So join me and an intimate circle of women, in this 13 moons long journey in the Womens Mysteries- Working with the Seasonal energies, Nature, The 5 Elements, Egyptian Alchemy- the path of Isis , Mary Magdalene, Sophia Codes, Rose Alchemy, Divine Feminine Christ Energy, Sisterhood of Roses, Frequency healing, Akashic Healing, Embodiment, Medicine drum making**, Weaving a Medicine Belt of POWER, Ceremony, Meditation, Trauma work, Breathwork, Herbal plant immersion- health, healing, Sacred Scars*, the wise woman business model- new paradigm marketting,  journaling, circling, chanting, crafting, connecting with our ancestors, guides, angels, dragons…

This Thirteen Moons Divine Feminine Mystery School will deepen your connection with our age old knowledge of the ancient mothers; a deep remembering of our natural women’s intuition and connection to our inner medicine woman.

Meeting over 13 moons, we will gather on zoom 9 times for an immersion in the Womens Mysteries.

in person days (optional) –  dates for these to be confirmed-Wales, Bristol or Stroud

*Sacred Scars is a day of sacred tattooing an extra payment of £116

** Drum making- an extra payment of £233

Two in-person circle days £85 each

Download an application form here

Cost- £90 per month

2023 Dates for Zooms and in person meet ups-  (Thursdays 7pm, Saturdays 10am)

Sept Thurs 14th, Oct Sat 7th, Nov Thurs 9th, Dec Sat 9th (possible drum making day- Wales),  2024 Jan Thurs 11th, Feb Sat 10th (Sacred scars tattoo day- Wales) , March Thurs 7th, April Sat 6th, May Thurs 9th, June Sat 8th, July Thurs 4th, Aug Sat 10th, Sept Thurs 5th.

If you’re wondering who this course is aimed at-

Do you feel “not enough” & unable to step up?

Do you feel unclear what your soul purpose is?

Do you want to feel confident to hold mothers and daughters, and womens circles?

Do you want to be part of creating a new culture for young women?

Do you want to feel supported by women to find your authentic self?

Do you want to lead from divine wisdom?

Do you want to feel empowered to lead ?

Do you want to contribute to co-creating the New Earth?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Wise Woman * Medicine Woman* Thirteen Moons Journey is for you!

These teachings are for ALL women, it will benefit mothers, menopausal women, and women holding circles and working with youth, as the purpose of the teachings are to bring you to your own authenticity so you can live from that place as a strong medicine woman!

To elaborate on the application process, I will be considering the stages of life we are in, reasons for joining the journey and the cauldron of wisdom we will be co-creating to ensure a juicy year together!

I’m so excited about this journey, it will be like a whole year of immersing myself in Red Tent-ness!”

For the Scar Sister Day we will be joined by Suzi Edwards Goose; Professional and Ritual Tattooist with over 20 years experience, Artist and Witchy Wise Woman


Rachael Crow is a healer, therapist in many modules of womens health & trauma, she has held womens circles, mum and daughter circles, rites of passage cermonies for almost 30 years. Her expertise has been in cycle work, womb work, menopause and womens health as well as out in the ‘main stream’ doing addiction work. She ran her 13 moons programme for four years from 2014-2018. This is the new UPGRADED version 😀

Mother of 4, medicine drum maker living in the wilds of Wales with her 2 youngest children and 2 cats!

After 3 years of living with stage 4 “incurable” cancer, facing her own ‘death sentence’ she is thriving and living life fully and supporting other cancer thrivers, as well as sharing her wisdom on life, fasting and eating well and living WELL!

Get to know me- try some of my FREE healng meditations and journeys- click

Recent videos about teachers, mystery schools, holding circles….

Do you dare?

Will you dare to walk with me today?

Will you take this fork in the road that leads to the unknown?

Will you dare to take that leap of faith?

Look around you, you are not alone in your apprehension.

Do you dare to change?

To step outside your box?

If you open your eyes you will see that many brave women have already walked the path before you!

They have DARED to take a breath, stand up for what they wanted, dared to voice what they believed.

They dared to take that step, the one you and I are at now.

Take my hand, let’s break free together!

Today you will feel the essence of who you TRULY are.

DARE to let your WONDERFUL WOMANESS shine though!


GO ON…I dare you….I dare you to Be YOU!