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I wrote this book to inspire people, to help them step out of fear into love and to support them to be empowered to take their own path of healing. This isn’t a book on “how to heal cancer”, but how to deal with cancer. How to live authentically with cancer.

A sneak peek of the testimonials and praise

“Rachael traverses her health recovery journey with a radical awareness that is as inspiring as it is educational.
Her story of healing has the power to shift your perspective on what’s possible, and open you to a new level of appreciation for the wonder of being alive.”

Lee Harris – Energy Intuitive, Musician and Channeller.


To make choices that go against the flow of majority thought is not easy. It takes a certain self awareness to stand in the face of challenge and choose your own path. But when that path is in the collective consciousness called cancer, standing in sovereign truth is a heroic journey. Rachael is that unique soul who chose her destiny towards health in her way despite the well meaning pressures to cave into the depths of fear. She followed her inner guidance, choosing to walk both worlds, allopathic medicine and alternative. It was so refreshing to read this inspiring book that is leading the way to a new paradigm in body healing and awareness. There are those who show us how and Rachael opens her world to us in a way that is vulnerable, raw, and attainable.

As someone who has experienced stage 3 breast cancer and chose my own path to life and vitality, loving my body to wellness, I am beyond thrilled to endorse Rachel Crow’s book, Cancer as an Initiation. The world needs her book but even more importantly, I needed her book. It reminded me how powerful sharing can change the world. Thank you Rachael.

Becki Koon, Best Selling Author of 20 Days Changed Everything and Breathe The Deep Waters Of Love
Energy Intuitive, Holy Fire III & Karuna Reiki Master.

“Magic exists in those moments when we tap into our inate power…. Rachael guides us into this magical realm with her writings….her musings…..her feelings….her inner knowledge of a process of initiation that unfolded to give the gift of good health…..

I left Rachael’s world , those words on her pages, with a sense of power……a power of faith, a faith my own ability to health.”

Peta Inglesent innate biophile (lover of life) , Intuitive Therapist & long term Stage 4 metastatic cancer thriver

“Rachael’s book is both an invitation to really step into whole bodied life, and yet also an honest powerful look into death, so taboo culturally. She is able to challenge how we receive such ‘big’ health information, whilst honouring every individual on their path, she shared deeply and powerfully of what is stirred in her. Her ability to live and gesture the balance of both humility and powerful decision making are an inspiration, staying true to herself and inviting us all to reflect on being here now! A book that is relevant to anyone open to initiations and healing, big and small. The healing manifesto should be put on all our walls.” Dominique Sakoilsky, Author, Relationship therapist, Craniosacral therapist

“In her book, Rachael lays bare her own journey, embarking on a deeply personal quest to discover her true self while allowing cancer to serve as her initiator. As you immerse yourself in her words, it’s as if you’re right there beside her, navigating the turbulent waters of her courageous healing journey. Rachael possesses an uncanny ability to transform every obstacle into a powerful teaching moment, generously imparting these invaluable insights to her readers.
I can’t help but be profoundly moved by Rachael’s story, and I can confidently say that her words have ignited a profound sense of purpose within me. Her narrative invites all of us to take the reins of our health and our lives, and it’s worth noting that this book should come with a warning: After reading, you will be brimming with an impassioned desire to initiate change in your life.”  Salena Walker – Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist

“Rachael’s story is heroic to its core. She shows just what is possible when we look for the gifts to embrace within life’s challenges, rather than the obstacles to battle against. Rachael has retained sovereignty throughout her path of healing, always choosing the medical natural protocols that felt right to her.” Andrew Kempleton, – Author and Shamanic practitioner

“The reader is inspired and soothed throughout by Rachael’s warrior heart, and generous, supportive voice heard in every word she writes, and it feels as if she has taken us by the hand and that we can overcome any dark shadow that the world may bring to our door. Her sage advice applies to all experiences of disease and illness, and dark nights of the Soul. We can take back responsibility from the hands of others, rather than handing them over in fear, and instead connect to our intuition, the Earth (our Great Mother) and our hearts and souls for these places are the sacred spaces where true healing lives. In this, we can rewrite the stories our culture and paradigm has written in our bodies. This book is a reminder that nothing is done to us or can be done for us, rather that everything that comes into our lives is for us as a potential gift of empowerment and that we are our own saviours.” Penny Champ – Wild Sister Wisdom

“Rachael’s writing style is such that she invites you to step into her life and walk alongside her and to feel and live the ups and downs of her journey whilst absorbing and learning so much along the way, this is a journey of strength and truth a journey of and for the heart. The book is riveting, inspiring, funny, painful and honest.
This book will become a life line for people diagnosed with cancer.
Rachael’s story is healing in itself and her generous links to resources, blogs, self healing tool box and her healing manifesto gives the reader a recipe for their own journey through cancer and for living their future life. A must read for anyone on this healing journey.”  Annee Bury is someone who has extensive experience of a holistic and integrated approach to Cancer as Initiation, her expertise comes from being a nurse, a hospice and palliative care educator, a shamanic healer, a cancer mentor, a death guide and funeral celebrant as well as having had her own diagnosis of an aggressive cancer 10 years ago.