Heart – Womb Crystal Temple Channel and Meditation


This is a channelling and meditation from a download I experienced in 2017, when I was shown my past and future self at once, in a crystal temple and was given this symbol to use as a conduit between heart and womb, to use for myself and at some point it would need to be shared in the world.

Well the time for sharing has come, I was guided to release this for the new energies of 2020, and while I was shown this to be used with our Heart -Womb centres, it works well for anyone who wants to connect and recalibrate the heart and hara….it is about strengthening our intuition, our boundaries and upgrading the crystal energy that is in our bodies, our cells, our very DNA…

This is a channel, a meditation and sound healing with a grounding drum journey to integrate the experience. It is a “Part 2” to my earlier Heart Womb Connection Channel.

I do hope you enjoy this channel and meditation, it is also a healing session for you, rest afterwards, be gentle with yourself, drink plenty of water. Do not listen to while driving or operating machinery!