Meet Me At The Well


Meet Me at the Well ~ 52 Verses to Strengthen and Nourish a Women’s Soul by Penelope Champ and Anthony Macleod

Meet Me at the Well Sweet Sister ~ there is nothing we can not heal.

This beautiful treasure, a book of poems and inspiring art images, is here to inspire through the 52 weeks of the year. Words are one of the most powerful tools we have as humans, even more so when spoken out loud. Colour is inspirational as an essential quality, and valued as a powerful bridge towards connection, balance and wholeness.

These verses may be learned off by heart, as self blessings and invocations, and the images meditated upon, offering a deep well of spiritual practice.

The Holy Well is a sacred place, meet me there and drink deeply from this wellspring of divinely inspired, refreshing and beautiful poetry and art.

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Myself and Penny talk about the book-