Womb Centre Meditation for Perimenopause


This womb meditation is a unique healing experience, bringing balance to the hormones, tapping you into the mini energy centres of the cervix, womb and ovaries and bringing opportunity to recalibrate the energy of your womb centre as you journey the territory of Moon Pause.

(for the visual of the energy centres we are working with, see the image below)

Crossing the threshold of perimenopause can leave us exhausted and feeling in a place of such uncertainty, so the importance of ‘self help tools’ are vital to support us to maintain balance and acceptance as we navigate this new terrain.

This visualisation is something to add to your tool box- to bring balance , healing and deeper womb connection.

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I do hope you enjoy this meditation, it is a healing session for you, rest afterwards, be gentle with yourself, drink plenty of water. Do not listen to while driving or operating machinery!