Womb Clearing meditation & Womb Massage audio


This package includes 2 downloads of audios, the first being a powerful womb clearing meditation, and the second is womb massageinstructions, where I lead you through a gentle womb massage routine to help integrate the meditation and relase any physical blocks.

Our womb has its own natural clearing each month as we go into our mensturation, so this time of our cycle can be used to consciously release old traumas from procedures, birth or sexual trauma.

If you are no longer bleeding, you can energetically cleanse and clear your womb space (even if you no longer have a womb) by connecting to this space and sending loving, healing energy.

The massage routine is soothing for those who no longer have a physical womb, just to connect in with the energetic womb space is profoundly healing.

Of course massage can help with menstrual issues, infertility, cramps, PMS, peri menopause symptoms etc, regular practice and womb connection and bring peace and love to our womb space. Womb massage is perfect for any time of the month but not while menstruating.

These two audios are taken from my Love Your Period online teaching, if you would like to go deeper with your womb journey, why not join us?