Ancient Stone Drum Birthing Day

Rachael Crow Drum Making

Learn to make a 14” by 18″ Oval Ancients Stone Medicine drum & beater from natural materials

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Spend a day in beautiful and magical West Wales, on the Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire border,  in the comfort of the red tent yurt… Come and enjoy a red tent experience, whilst immersing yourself in the birthing of your medicine drum, tuning in with the natural materials, giving thanks and prayers as you use your hands, putting your love, energy and intent into this medicine tool to create a truly special drum for yourself! 

this workshop is open to all femme identifying people

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£225 cost includes all materials

The day will begin with a journey to connect with the energy of your hide and close with a ceremony to connect and bless the drums at the Cromlech/Dolmen initiation chamber, near by.

Using natural and traditionally prepared hides and timbers you with birth a sacred drum made from deer/stag skin (*horse/cow/buffalo/goat skin may be available at special request for an extra £20, I am also offering “hair on cow/deer hides” for an extra £25 for cow, £35 for deer, dyed hides are an extra £25)

Hoops are crafted from Mulberry- described in legends dating thousands of years in Chinese mythology the Mulberry Tree is considered “The Tree of Life“ and “The Herb of Immortality“. Scholars have debated on the mistranslation of the Biblical referenced Sycamore tree to have actually been the Mulberry Tree. Virgil, one of Rome’s greatest poets, describes the Mulberry Tree as “The Tree of Gold “ (D’arbe D’or). Vincent van Gogh featured the Mulberry Tree in several of his paintings. Mulberries do not bud until frost is over therefore they symbolize calculated patience. Budding occurs overnight, symbolizing expediency and wisdom. For these attributes and others the ancient Greeks dedicated the plant to the goddess of wisdom Athena (the Roman goddess Minerva), and defined it as “A tree with life reviving potential”.

Beaters are made from locally coppiced wood, stuffed with raw sheeps wool.

Hides mostly come from within the United Kingdom and are either from culled wild deer/stags or animals that have naturally died. The hide is a waste product so by using it we are honouring the animal. As a life long vegetarian I’ve wrestled with the ethics for a long time, in the end my calling to make drums and bring women to the heartbeat of our Mother was too strong! I source them as ethically as possible, supporting local crafts people. (Buffalo hides are from the USA)

All teaching, tools and materials are provided.

Suitable for those used to crafting and complete beginners! 

A deposit of £100 will be required when you book.

Ancients Stone Medicine Drum Deposit :

Please bring your own lunch and an old towel to make your drum on and wrap your drum in.

Do you have a group that would like to birth drums with me? I can arrange a drum day for you and your friends, contact me to discuss.

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About Rachael Crow– I have experience of holding ceremonies for over 20 years, I’m a Reiki Teacher, workshop facilitator and Earth keeper! I made my first drum on Dartmoor over 15 years ago and love to share this skill with others.

Please bring your own lunch and an old towel to make your drum on and wrap your drum in.

Please email to book

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I look forward to working with you!

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