Blessingways/Mother Blessing (spiritual baby showers):

Rachael Crow Birth

I will help you create a beautiful Blessing for yourself and your unborn baby

A Blessingway is a wonderful ritual for the mother-to-be. It celebrates her step into motherhood (or motherhood again!) Baby showers are fun and a wonderful way to gift new parents things they need for the baby. A blessingway, however, is a unique way to honour the mother.


Women make candles to light when labour begins



Belly casting, painting and henna art can all be a part of a Blessingway (Belly casting is an extra £30)

During the gathering, friends of the mother come together to give her support and encouragement. It is a wonderful and affirming time for her.

Oftentimes the friends at the ceremony agree that as soon as they receive word labour has begun they will say a prayer and light a candle for the mother. This support can mean so much to a labouring woman.

Many believe that the blessingway tradition was begun by Native Americans. It was a ritual to offer blessing at many life passages, not just pregnancy. But it is commonly thought to be the origin of the pregnancy blessingway.

A blessingway is usually a spiritual event on some level. It can purposely hold elements sacred to the mother’s religion or it can simply be spiritual in the sense that all present are giving their spiritual and emotional support to the mother-in-waiting.

Costs: Support in creating blessing (2hrs) £50

Attendance and leading blessing £150 (this includes creating the ceremony)

Please note, should you need to cancel a meeting within 24 hrs I charge a 50% cancellation fee.

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