How do I ‘channel’ Reiki?

Rachael Crow Reiki

Here Lianne and I talk about what got us into reiki and we share some techniques- Gassho, creating an energy ball, “dry bathing” and finishing in a protective pyramid of light!

usiThe Reiki attunement process is how one becomes a channel for Reiki. Attunements can be given only by a Reiki master and can be given for either the purpose of training one in Reiki, or for simply giving someone a larger experience of Reiki than usually experienced in treatments. The attunement procedure is a ceremony of spirit and intent. In this ceremony the Reiki Master shares the Reiki attunement symbols and Reiki energy that were passed on from their teacher. This ceremony creates an energy pattern around the recipient of the attunement which entrains (or attunes) their energy field to the energies represented by the symbols. The attunement is permanent, thus making the recipient a Reiki practitioner. Symbols are placed in to the Crown and Palm Chakras. This starts a cleansing and balancing reaction as the symbols clear blockages in the Chakras. Usually changes occur in the person’s attitudes and experiences. This varies according to each person.

21 Day Cleansing Process

The process of Reiki flowing down through the chakras (energy centres in the body) will trigger a cleansing process. The unusual flow of energy passing over and through the chakras can affect all three ‘bodies’ and sometimes cause subtle changes in the mind, body and spirit. The extra flow of energy also helps to clear away blockages in the energy system.

Though not everyone undergoes a cleansing process, most do. Many may start the cleansing process in readiness for the attunement (pre-attunement cleansing). The symptoms are usually mild and flu like, including fatigue, headaches, mild nausea, you may feel life becomes ‘hectic’, anger or other negative feelings may arise. This is the result of the physical bodies’ full detoxification process. This is the process by which the body attempts to rid itself of accumulated toxins.

Other effects of a cleansing process may include ‘weird’ dreams, strange feelings, and old habit or favourite food losing its apparent importance and so on. Above all, most seem to assume a state of peace. An overall level of peace of mind, tolerance and positively, will continue after the cleansing has finished. The overall effects of cleansing are completely positive, but it may not feel like it while it is happening! Simply accept what happens, and the process will soon come to an end. The result of which should be a clean energy system, and you yourself should find yourself a bit healthier as well.

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