Post Natal Doula Support:

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As a post natal Doula I will offer you a lot of practical and emotional support. Following the birth of your baby you may find it extremely helpful to have somebody just to listen. I will enjoy talking through any issues at all which you may have.I can also help with older children to give you time with your new baby. It is very important that you look after yourself in the postnatal period; I can help by looking after the baby so you can get some sleep, doing light household chores, some shopping and cooking for you and the family! I will draw specific attention to any feeding issues you’re having (bottle or breast) – we’ll debrief your birth as clues often originate from a traumatic element of birth.

As a doula I do not judge, compare or advise. I will support, listen and work alongside you and your family to aid the transition to motherhood/ parenthood.

This is a magical time for you and your baby, and as a Post Natal Doula it is my role to create the space for you to adapt to life with a new baby!

A well nourished mother is better equipped to nourish her baby!

The Role of a Post Natal Doula is tailored to each family, but here are some ideas of what I can offer you:

  • Support with feeding – breast or bottle
  • An opportunity to share your birth story*
  • Look after the baby while you take a bath, shower, or spend time with the rest of your family
  • Spend time/play with your other children
  • Advice on sling wearing and cloth nappies
  • Talk through any parenting issues that may be challenging you and your partner
  • Drive or accompany you to any appointments, groups etc.
  • Running errands; super market, chemist etc (any travel costs would need to be reimbursed)
  • Teaching you some basic baby massage techniques
  • Keep your home tidy
  • And offer any other support you may need as a new parent!!
  • *Sharing your Birth story , especially after a traumatic birth experience can weigh your mind down, and affect bonds with children and partners. If you would like to discuss your birth (recent or distant past) with an impartial, non-judgemental doula we can decipher, understand and heal, together.

Each visit lasts a minimum of 2 hours charges are £15 per hour, or 4 visits for £150 (concessions are available and can be discussed during our initial visit).  Please note, should you need to cancel a meeting within 24 hrs I charge a 50% cancellation fee.

“Doula vouchers” can also be bought- these make a wonderful gift for a new mum! (and dad!)

Closing the Bones, Belly Binding, Womb blessings and hearings, massage and/or reiki treatments can be incorporated in to visits and be added for an extra charge. (see my page on services and charges for adding these to your package)

I live near Maenclochog in Pembrokeshire, my prices cover a 12 mile radius including Narberth, Spittal, Dinas Cross, Newport and areas in-between.  Areas further afield- Cardigan, Fishguard, Haverfordwest, Pembroke, Tenby etc will be subject to extra travel costs.

If possible we would meet before the baby is born, but often families do not realise they need help until they are in the thick of it! Contact me 07919324448 or by email with any questions and to book in a free meeting where we can decide about working together.