Postpartrum Belly Binding (Belly Wrap)

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Postpartrum Belly Binding (Belly Wrap) –
Belly Binding

It is a traditional belly binding method, provided postnatally to offer support around the abdomen to aid the recovery period by ensuring a strong support to the womb after childbirth.

It helps to pull in the separated abdominal muscles after pregnancy. Prevents back pain, whilst wearing the bind, you will be reminded to sit and walk straight, giving you good posture. It is an ancient traditional way of healing after giving birth.

*helps displaced organs return to normal positions
*has a “warming” or healing effect
*helps relieve the “loose” feeling some women experience after childbirth
*helps return your body to it’s pre-pregnancy size
lessens bleeding time

You can include a postpartum belly binding session into my postpartum package or choose it as a stand alone service.

A belly wrap or binding session takes approximately 2 hours.
After preparing your abdomen with oils, you will be wrapped from breastbone to pubic bone.
The longer the binder is worn, the better the effect.
12-15 metre bind is included in price and yours to keep.
You will recieve complete directions to re-do your wrap after bathing should you choose.


Handmade Belly Binds made to order in a variety of colours and prices-

Belly Bind in 100% cotton (various colours) £65.00

Belly Bind in 100% cotton 1 x postpartum wrap in the comfort of your own home £80.00

Belly Bind in 100% cotton 1 x postpartum wrap in the comfort of your own home and tuition to teach a friend or partner so they can wrap you £100.00

Belly Bind with 3 visits for postpartum wraps in the comfort of your own home £150.00

Should you need to cancel a treatment/meeting within 24 hrs I charge a 50% cancellation fee.

Please contact me 07919324448 or by email for more information or to arrange a free initial meeting.