Gratitude & Heart Soul-ution Meditation

A beautiful meditation that’s adapted from a Tony Robbins meditation that was shared with me on a detox retreat…I’ve added in the usual heart-belly/womb-earth connection, plus an opportunity to bring the energy of gratitude into a difficult situation you may be having…so perhaps bring something you may be stuggling with at the moment to the altar of this meditation.

If we are full of gratitude and joy theres no space for anger or fear….they just cant exist in the same space…and when we can vibrate from this place…we become attractive…to the Universe!! Join me and tap in to that energy of love and attraction….

<em><strong>When we are full of gratitude and joy there is no space for fear, anger, resentments and hurts!</strong></em>

Turn off your phone, be somewhere you won’t be disturbed, get comfy and warm…enjoy xxx