Menarche- A Journey into Womanhood book- PDF (updated version)


This is a recently updated version of my book, as a PDF.A mums and girls guide to celebrating her first period; includes menarche (first period) stories, ways to celebrate her first period, mum & daughter bonding ideas,the connection to the moon, understanding your cycle, menstrual tips, suggested books and much more!

A mums and girls guide to celebrating her first period; includes menarche (first period) stories, ways to celebrate her first period, mum & daughter bonding ideas,the connection to the moon, understanding your cycle, menstrual tips, suggested books and much more! This book is a chance to explore your feelings, thoughts, creativity that comes from being a bleeding woman, it will help you understand how your cycle and body are influenced by your hormones and the ebb and flow of the moons cycles.
“How different would we feel about our bodies and our bleeding if we had been given positive messages of love, beauty, and acceptance? If society’s messages were of support, honouring and approval? Would we still hide our bleeding-time in shame & ignore our bodies’ signals to take time out?”

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Praise for this book:
“Rachael’s Menarche book is a veritable feast supporting any young woman on her menstrual journey. It is easy to read, full of stories and experiences from women of all ages and cultures, and a very welcome and beautiful tool which may inspire the maiden woman to celebrate her movement into womanhood. In a culture often lacking in knowing how to support teenage transitions, we must receive gifts such as this book with open arms and open heart. It offers practical self care of the menstrual cycle, tools for supporting the emotional aspects of a cycle with self-enquiry exercises, and a rich and diverse offering of lore of menstruation around the world, experiences, wonderings, quotes and wisdom. Any menstruating woman who didn’t feel she received the menarche celebration she wanted, or the wisdom she needed to bring health to her cycle, would benefit form reading this book as well as all young girls approaching menarche. Rachael has long held a place for transforming experience and perceptions around menstruation. Thank you Rachael.” Dominique Sakoilsky author of Seven Secrets of a Joyful Birth, founder of Relaxed Birth and Parenting, Active Birth Teacher, counsellor and cranio sacral therapist.


“A practical, supportive and very informative book which shares women’s wisdom with girls embarking on their first periods in an accessible way. I love the way you have left space on its pages for them to add their own wisdom. That is really special.” Lucy H Pearce contributing editor at JUNO magazine and author of Moon Time: a guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle and Moods of Motherhood.

“I just wanted to say thank you for your book. I wanted to share with my daughter who is only 7 (8 in a few weeks) but is growing pubic hair and breasts and having mood swings, spots and tummy ache cyclically. I was reading it in the car with her after school today while waiting for her brother to come on the bus and began to cry, I did not know it would affect me like that. My poor daughter asked why i was crying and i explained i did not have a mum so i had no one to talk to when i started my periods and we hugged and cried together. She loves the book as she has been feeling alone with things changing in her body so early. So Thank you for this special resource that is perfect for her even though she is so young”. Lizzie, Midwife and mother xxx

“For any mother or mother and daughter wanting to welcome her daughter’s menstruation in a loving and positive way this book is a wonderful tool of focus. A lovely blend of creative ideas and practical knowledge, also the reader is encouraged to explore within themselves as to what feels comfortable for them. Rachael is very open about her experience of listening to her daughters wishes at the time of her first bleed and letting go her own desires of how best to welcome menarche. This is an inspiring book, a book that encourages us to question and discover for ourselves. I will be very happy to recommend this book to clients and students.” Amanda Rayment. Master herbalist and Practitioner.

“What a wonderful resource this is for young woman entering menarche.I wish that I had had access to such wise insightful information when I started my own menarche. Rachael weaves her insights and tips in a easy to read joyful way and offers young and older woman alike a refreshing new reference point on which to view this female journey. I will be sharing it with my nieces and grandaughter without a doubt. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Rachael” Louise Bennett, founder of Relaxed Birth and Parenting
“Inspiring book. Recommended reading for all young women. This is a beautiful book written with great passion and a sprinkling of magic.” Dan

“Compulsory reading for mums of teenage daughters – I read this book in a day – taking notes and making plans for some way to celebrate with my daughter – and for myself. Highly recommend – beautiful shares moving the reader through the book, inspiring connections and recognition of the way our parents handled the onset of menarche and the damage we have struggled with to reconnect to our power. thank you Rachael” S Collins

“A must read for any mother and daughter ***** 5 stars -because I quite simply loved reading it! I read it from cover to cover in one very long sitting…and didn’t feel like i wanted to put it down. I thought the book was written in a very friendly conversational manner that a youngster must appreciate…. but not at all condescending. Rachael Hertogs use of language is welcoming and informative. I only wish I had read it sooner…. or that my Mum had read it when I was coming of age. The book contains practical advice and real life stories from not just Rachael but from the many grand mothers, mothers, daughters, aunties, sisters etc that she interviewed. I have much gratitude for Rachael and her work. This is definitely a must read for any female….. or actually…. any male who’d like to understand more the female cycle.” Rachel

“Power to all women! This is a fabulous book exploring the history of celebrating menarche, and some ideas for looking at this part of puberty in a positive and empowering way with our daughters.” Wendy



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