The Violet Flame

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Saint Germain’s violet flame mantra for the Aquarian Age – I AM a being of violet fire. I AM the purity God desires.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains and demonstrates how to use the violet flame in a practical daily application for personal transformation as well as the healing of the environment, the economy and the world situation.

Be a Violet Flame Transmission Station

“You are affirming that “God is where I AM and I AM that God in manifestation and God in me is right now manifesting the violet flame.”

“I AM a being a violet fire…” – that means it is the nature of our being! “I AM a ray of God on the seventh ray, I AM saturated with the violet light, my aura is expanding to include my entire household, my family, my community, my county and nation, and planet.”

See in your mind’s eye the violet flame penetrate the oceans transmuting the oil spills and nuclear radiation. See the cleaning up of the toxic waste in the environment. Visualise the violet flame saturating everywhere and bring health back to the ecosystem.”

Using these energies like the violet flame and reiki can support us in healing ourselves and our Earth Mother.

We have all the tools we need if we take the time to learn, listen, research. We live on a magical planet, our bodies are miraculous, our imaginations are creative portals, our hearts are centres of power, our energy fields are protective shields! We can call upon our angels, animal spirits, guides, ascended masters, God, Source, mother earth, ancestors for support. We can cleanse our bodies with nourishing, clean water, clear our energy with reiki, the violet flame, golden light, sun light, lying on the earth, we can imagine wearing a beautiful protective cloak when we feel the need for extra shielding.
We can live in love. Use the magic, it’s real! 🦄✨🐬✨🌍✨🙏✨❤️✨


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