Thirteen Moons Journey

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Next Journey Starts Jan 2016….. with Rachael Hertogs. 

Join me and a circle of women, in this 13 moons long journey in the Womens Mysteries; menstrual recapitulation, shamanic drum making, rites of passage ceremonies, meditation, Jade Circle practices, Red Tent and Moon Lodge wisdom, Sacred Scars*, journaling, circling, chanting, crafting, touching nature, staying up to watch the sunrise, all night vigil and connecting with our ancestors…
The Thirteen Moons journey will deepen your connection with your cyclical nature and its relation to the seasons and the age old knowledge of our ancient mothers; remembering techniques that increase our natural women’s intuition and connect to our inner medicine woman.

Meeting over 13 moons, we will gather in Pembrokeshire in yurts, tipis and a natural roundhouse, woods, wild flower meadows, for a retreat day of immersion in the Womens Mysteries.

*Sacred Scars is a day of sacred tattooing- this is not compulsory for all women and those who do not wish to be scarred can enjoy sacred henna tattoos!

Places will be offered to local women first. Babes in arms welcome.

£50 per day- women will be expected to commit to the whole 13 months.

For the prospectus for the 2016 Journey and to book contact or fill in the contact form below.

I’m so excited about this journey, it will be like a whole day of immersing myself in Red Tent-ness!”




Guest Teachers-

for the Scar Sister Day Suzie Elen Edwards; Professional and Ritual Tattooist with 18 years experience, Artist, Earth Pathways Team Member, Poet, Beekeeper and wild witchy woman!

 for the Jade Circle Teachings Samara Hawthorne, Samara offers a range of services from Jade circle, Birth preparation, shiatsu treatments and Doulaing, she has been developing a holistic approach to Women’s health since 1995. Samara leads Jade Circle workshops in Wales. She is an integrative counsellor, a Mindfulness practitioner in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn. Samara continues to learn from her practice, the women she works with and through ongoing studies and research. 

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magic tree_tTo purchase my book- Thirteen Moons, a compilation of all the hand outs and articles by many different women from my Power of Menstruation course, over the last 10 years! A 250+ page book, Thirteen Moons includes a Moon Journal for you to fill in and chart the connection between your cycle and the moon, as well as containing many articles by inspiring and amazing women, poems, art, stories and much more!Thirteen Moons is based on 13 chapters, all celebrating Women’s Wisdom and Women’s Cycles. Click onto the Moon Times website. 

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