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I was interviewed recently by Adeola Sheehy-Adekale for Learning Through Living- see the “Presence” and “Happiness” issues for my book review of “Why Does Mummy Bleed?” and interview.

“Rachael Crow is the founder of Moon Times, a business whose focus is to empower women in body appreciation, environmental awareness and self-respect.

She is an ‘agony’ aunt, a teacher and healer, and a facilitator of many workshops and women’s circles. To sum up, she is amazing and definitely a Shero of mine. When I heard about her new book, ‘Why Does Mummy Bleed?’ illustrated by Stephanie Green of Dauntless Daughters, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

The simple yet honest words and the beautiful imagery create an essential book for every family. So often the menstrual cycle is a quietly avoided subject, but what if we chose to open the dialogue early with all our children, not just the girls, and encourage it as a positive, natural and welcome aspect of life.

What makes this book unique to those which focus on biology, is the introduction to the idea of a woman as a cyclical being, one who ebbs and flows with the moon. There is a gentle acknowledgement of the change to a Mum’s energy levels, with ideas for what activities Mother & child can share to support those feelings.

By teaching our children that we need self-care and understanding from those around us, we are teaching them to listen and respond to their own body’s needs, and the even the smallest of us has the ability to help and care.

As Rachael says, ‘It’s time for a new story about periods!’ ”


Get your copy of Why Does Mummy Bleed from Rachael or kindle version on Amazon.

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