Healing Manifesto Update May 2023

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Healing is about walking your talk, self mastery, not engaging in fear, division, drama!! i made the conscious choice, to stay, to stay in this body, to be here for this, for now, for these times!! And when i made that choice, life rose up to meet me- BUT i made changes- change the diet, drink more water, meditate, call in help- get humble! See through the BS, start creating the NEW EARTH- it’s HERE- NOW!!
Here’s my other #healingmanifesto videos
Loads of love Rachael xxx

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I was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, and secondary stage 4 cancer in 2020. I have been cancer free since Jan 2021- I used many healing modalities, including allopathic. I want to inspire and share my experiences to help others. My story is on my healing blog- www.hellocervix.me.uk.
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