Healing with Colour

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Crafting has been a huge part of my healing journey with cancer, mostly putting my energies in to making healing medicine drums, but my love of playing with colour and paint has resurfaced.
I have always loved painting and playing with textures and colour and after completing my reiki training in 2004 I dove deep into creating soothing and healing paintings for therapy rooms.
See examples of my work here.
Over the last 11 months I’ve used many visualisation techniques to connect to my cancer, sending healing, filling my cells with light, and the image that kept coming though, over and over was golden light, bathing in golden light, using golden light to heal, let go, re- pattern… it’s been a powerful process and out of it came these paintings, along with some visualisations.

I have decided to make these Golden Light paintings for sale, (£39 inc p&p- UK only) as a healing tool for anyone who needs a bit of love and light in their lives, I will also do a give away in June after my detox retreat, so keep an eye on my social media! 100% of the money from these visualisations will go towards my continued healing journey, and supporting me to bring the message of natural healing to women.
Along with the painting you will receive a download of 3 healing visualisations– Connecting To Your Inner Wise Woman, Pelvic Fire Bowl and Golden Healing.

Paintings are 16 inches by 20 inches. They may take upto 2 weeks to create.
Order yours here, send £39 (UK only)

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