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My Dearests,

I was contemplating not doing a newsletter this week, I’m sure your inbox is crammed with all kinds of CV info, advice, all the free offerings folk are doing now they are stuck at home!

“This is a time of incubation. This is just the beginning…..
We are incubating our self knowledge, our wisdom, all we have reaped from our inner work.. our meditation, our healing…. In the stillness we will preserve our selves for what is coming. Surrender to this time, the quiet, the peace… You will need your inner strength for what is to come.
Anchor down into our Earth Mother, know our guides, angels, ancestors are with us.
The Great Turning is here. We have chosen to be here at this time to be part of this Turning.
These are exiting times to be alive in, but preserve your energy. Incubate, slow down, stop even, sleep, eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise, meditate. Humanity is going though a collective rite of passage, we are evolving, changing. Be gentle with yourself.” Rachael Crow 27/03/20

Whilst life here hasn’t changed dramatically, obviously like everyone, our children are home and infact we have deregistered them as we are not the kind of parents that want our children to be taught by computers. Who knows what the future education system will bring, what’s important for us is nature connection and simple living, so we are seed planting, reading stories, playing games and limiting screen time.

So that’s what I want to offer this week, a reminder to drop into the simple- I’m seeing a frenzy of activity on social media- so many things to “do” when in fact we are in a world wide state of grief and rite of passage. This is a rite of passage for humanity…into a new unknown future and it’s important we stop and recognise the grief we maybe feeling for the ‘old life’.

It’s an opportunity to re-evaluate how we are living, how we are consuming, where our addictive behaviours lie. Technology is raising our children, our teens are awake til 3am chatting on phones to friends. This isn’t the future I want to be a part of, I want to create a future where we are communicating authentically with one another, supporting one another, and I see this happening- people reaching out to the elderly in their communties, people checking in more than ever with family and friends, people healing old rifts.

While I write this my children are creating a puppet show with old cardboard boxes and felt tips… back to simplicity! Do you remember doing things like that as a child, the fun of putting on shows for the grown ups? I’ve been teaching them breath work and yoga each day- even if its just for 5 mins. (they love Wim Hof!) and I got Dorothy to do a little promo video for my book Why Does Mummy Bleed? She had great fun rehearsing felt excited about supporting her mums work!

Each day we read together, we pick oracle cards, we meditate, we pray- we have family rituals. These are the foundations of our family.

I invite you to step into the future with us, feeding the youth with nourishment, and if you don’t have children, who’s children can you support to nourish? We are all in this together and we all have our medicine and gifts to share with the world.

I’ll finish with a couple of online beauties I’ve had playing in the backgound of our lives -we dont listen to the radio, or the news…only positive and educational stuff!

Beautiful Wisdom from the Indigenous peoples. Online Conference with “The Mother Earth Delegation of United Indigenous Nations of the North“

This Remembered Earth – Roundhouse Ceremony

Be empowered with your health-

For now, stay sane and stay safe!

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